Which graphics card/laptop for CAD programs like Maya Rhino 3DMax

Hi guys,

I orginally bought my old laptop for using CAD programs (4 years ago). It was completely rubbish for 3D CAD work and rendering.

It was a Dell Intel Core Duo 1.8Ghz, with 2GB Ram with Nvidia Quadro FX 2500 512MB graphics card which had options to change the ' Global Driver Settings' to a specific program, such as Maya, 3D Max, Solidworks and Microstation, but I never found this laptop to be of any use for 3D CAD programs/rendering.

The new Dell XPS i7 laptop that I'm looking to buy, comes with a quad processor, up to 16MB Ram and a choice of the following graphics cards:

1 GB GDDR5 for ATI FirePro M7820
NVIDIA GeForce GT 445M with 3GB

Here's the link to the system I have in mind:

Do you think it will be up to 3D CAD'ing and rendering??

Any advice much appreciated.
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  1. First off, laptop video cards are ALWAYS lesser than their Desktop counterparts. They have to be shrunk down and gimped to make them fit into a small space without creating a ton of heat.

    The GeForce 445M is more of a mid range 'gaming' type Laptop GPU and not designed for 3D CAD or Rendering stuff specifically.

    Ultimately, a Quadro desktop graphics card is probably the best choice. But that means using a desktop instead of a laptop.

    So far as Quadro or FirePro cards in a laptop I can't say much as I don't use them.
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