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hey I got all the parts and put together my first build trying to double check everything in what i believe was the right manner but now when I start up I have a problem. The problem I have is that the fans from the case arent working. I was slightly confused by how to connect them. They have male and female connectors on them both and I just connected each one directly to the power supply. The bigger issue I have is that when I start up the motherboards processor fan works and the fan on the graphics card works but when I plug them into the monitor I get no display at all. I tried making sure that the card is all the way into the slot by pressing down a little harder but could it be something else? I saw the thread on what to do if you have problems booting up but im unsure is mine a boot up problem or a graphics card problem? Any ideas? Thank u so much
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  1. Does the computer make any beeps at startup?
  2. I'm uncertain if it beep'd when i tried to power it on but I'm fairly certain it didn't. My motherboard has some form of diagnostic led called Dr. Debug that is built into it that shows numbers and that started cycling through numbers so I assumed it was working and wasn't listening well and im now in class and can't check. The led numbers ran for a while and then they disapeared and it was blank btw
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    Try these steps to see if it will POST. Take the little battery on the motherboard out for a couple min, and put it back in and try it, then see if you get anything with the video card out, then try each stick of RAM on it's own installed. Finally, disconnect every thing but the bare essentials i.e hard drives, disc drives, all fans EXECPT for the CPU fan. Oh and what are your system specifications?
  4. In the top sticky on the 'Systems' forum you will find the following two links.

    3. Troubleshooting

    PERFORM THESE STEPS before posting about boot/no video problems!

    4. Guides for PC Building

    Step-by-Step Guide to Building a PC

    Try those steps first.
  5. the computer isnt really making a beeping sound it sounds more like something charging up or powering up. In following the trouble shooting guide do you know if the rosewell destroyer case needs a standoff in each screw location? It only came with 2 standoffs but all the other locations on the case where raised out of the case with screw locations in it. Is my problem that I need to go out and buy standoffs for each of these locations?
  6. Oh I forgot to mention, double check that everything is connected. And do you have a case speaker connected the motherboard?
  7. i dont belve it has a speaker connected to the motherboard. I dont remember hooking one up. Tomorrow im going to disconnect everything and recheck all the connections. I dont know if it makes a difference but the debug mode on my mb gives an error 85 which the manual says "Display errors to the user and gets the user response for error." does that give any hints to where i made a mistake?
  8. Check if there's a case speaker wire coming from the case. Also what motherboard are you using?
    Edit: On Newegg it pictures a case speaker included with the case. Do you remember that coming in the box with it?
  9. yea it did come with a speaker wire but i didnt realize it was separate and i didnt connect it so i will do so now. the motherboard im using is a asrock 870 extreme3
  10. The motherboard manual should tell you where to connect it
  11. its connected now and it is giving off one single beep after a few seconds of the powering being on
  12. Try re-seating the RAM.
  13. ^ Yeah, try that. If that doesn't work. Try booting with a single ram stick.
  14. Do you have some different DDR3 RAM available that you could try?
  15. Part of me wants to just never respond to this thread so no one knows why but ill man up and fess up to what the problem was. I'm a complete idiot and only plugged in one end of the display cable. Hmmm I wonder why i dont have any display when the signal is going to nowhere lol. The only problem I have left is that 2 of my fans arent running. They are connected directly to the power supply but they have 2 cables coming out of it one male and one female what is the proper way to connect these?
  16. Hey, everybody makes mistakes :)

    The one labeled "4 pin peripheral power cable" is the one that you want your fans connected to. Your fans should have one that looks just like it so you can link things together.
  17. Haha it's alright. Everyone makes mistakes, a lot of people on the forum (first builders) forgets to plug the 8/6 pin motherboard power at the top. So it's not biggy.
  18. Each of my fans have one of the female and male ends of the 4pin power cable. I understand I plug the male end into the female end from the power supply but what do I do with the other female end? Do I need to connect the fans together in any way to make them work? I believe I connected each fan to its own 4pin power cable but maybe I am wrong I'll double check in the AM. Thanks for the help guys :)
  19. The other female end is so you can link together things. Like chain the fans together and run them off just one power connector, know what I mean?
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