Need help for dedecting my graphics card

Hi so i got a graphics card from my friend , i set it up put it to the PC when i start my windows it pops up the thingy new hardware found blablabla i try to install it it throws me an error it couldnt be installed .

I dont know whats the version of the ATI graphics card so can anyone help me ? Heres some pictures .
Sorry for my english .

Pic 1 :

Pic 2 :

Pic 3 :
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  1. I'm not positive if GPU-Z will work without drivers intalled, but try downloading GPU-Z and it may tell you.
  2. Doing a search on the code "CGA-E968TVD" I was able to find a bunch of listings under the Radeon 9600.

    Product code: CGA-E968TVD
  3. 1. Visit, (sorry still type this) get re-directed to

    2. Top right chose drop dpwn boxes as follows, Component Category = "Desktop Graphics" ,next box Product Line = "Radeon 9X Series", next box Product Model "9600" and choose your OS which you haven't mentioned. View result.

    And it should take you to the appropriate page, with it being an AGP card and being old it looks like the support from club 3D may have been dropped from it for a while but they do seem to have some hot fixes,

    I would download drivers from ati and club3d, try just ati drivers first see if it works stably. If not un-install and try the hot fixes from club 3D then start again with the Ati drivers for your OS or vice versa.

    Good luck.
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