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I just bought a 1gb XFX 4850 hd and I have it installed properly and everything, however when I plug in the 4850 to the monitor via DVI no video is displayed. I also tried going into the bios and disabling the integrated graphics as the instructions had said and no avail (I booted into the bios w/ integrated graphics).

Thanks ahead of time I appreciate it :).

If you need more info just ask and I'll be happy to supply you. Also my setup is in my signature.

Little update: I reset the bios so now i can get into windows w/ integrated graphics and in device manager nothing is showing in either pci slot. The fan powers up on my 4850 so it's not completely dead and the 6 pin power connector is plugged in. I even tried uninstalling drivers for my integrated card but no success.

I also set my graphics boot priority to PCI -> GFX0 -> IGFX

PCI latency timer ranges from 32-248 and the default is 64 and what it's currently at I've also tried 160 for a higher value.
I'm gonna play around with this a bit more yet.
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  1. I have no idea I've been playing with settings all day. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the graphics card numerous times along with the drivers for the integrated, with no success along with many other things.

    If anyone has any suggestions please tell me.
  2. Little update again the fan is still spinning, very loudly, as if it wants to turn on. However I also noticed that when I boot with integrated graphics there is always one beep and there are no beeps at all when I try to boot with discrete.

    I've also tried using different pci-e connectors from the power supply thinking one might not work and nothing.

    I also checked my bios version and on Foxconn's site it would appear I have the 2nd most recent bios. The most recent says that it "Updates AGESA code" I have no idea what that means. But does anyone think a bios update could solve my problem?

    Also when I boot with integrated and I go into device manager what should my pci-e x16 slots show up as? I see a lot of PCI slots but I don't know which are which. And when I turn on show hidden devices there are no phantom devices.

    Again if you need any more info just ask. :)
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