Need some help for an intel(about to)build?

Okay so ive been researching for a custom intel build for 1000 bucks. My main pick was I-5 2500K but its too damn complicated. My build was the i-5, sli oc gtx 560, 6 gb 1600mhz ddr, 7200 rpm 32mb cache sata 6Gbps 500 gb hard drive, blue ray, cd/dvd player. But the mobo :fou: jeesus. :pfff: :non: . Not one of thos boards support x16 x16 gpu less then 30,000 dollars, is it too much too ask for? So should i stick with the build, if yes what should i do about the mobo. As for screw the sandy bridge go with another intel i-7 or i-5, can you give me a mobo with all the crap i need, u know... full SLI, good overclocking, 1600mhz ddr3, and all the goodies, a recomended proccesor, and thats it.

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    To find build a good gaming computer for under 1000 dollars is hard and will not be all that great. Instead of a Sandy Bridge processor, check out the intel core i7 960. With the asus sabertooth x58 motherboard. For the gpu look into the Radeon 6800s series. (They are DX11). For the hardrive look into a 32gbs ssd, just for windows. For the main drive look for a any 7200 rpm drive. Before you decide on a power supply unit decide if you are going to crossfire or sli. For ram get 6gbs of tri channe ram.
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