Help me in choosing the right motherboard

Hey guys,
here's my pc config:-
amd hd 6950 2gb
8gb transcend 1333mhz ram
cm 600w psu
rosewill challenger cabinet

now my budget for mobo is 200$. I hv shortlisted some mobos:- asus p8h67-m pro, asus p8z68-m pro and biostar tz68k+. My preference is biostar mobo cause its cheap with z68 chipset, although i dont know if biostar is a good manufacturer? So help me with it. I wont be overclocking my cpu as i dont know bout it. If u know about better mobos in this price range please tell me. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Buy a Z68 mobo not H61 or H67 because with these you can overclock your cpu.
    That Biostar is a good option. Ill give you another and i think much better option.
    ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 LGA 1155 Intel Z68 122$
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