Sli wont fit unless I remove 8800's backplate. Safe?

So my mobo is an asus p5n-d and I decided to sli my two evga 8800gt's. Turns out the slots are super close and it would require the removal of the heat sync backing plate off the bottom card. Any advice? Does the secondary card run as hot as the primary?
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  1. One card will run a little hotter than the other, but the 8800's can take quite a bit of heat before danger.

    Removing back-plate? Do you have a picture by any chance? It's probably just fine but just to be sure I'd like to have a look

    On my iPhone here's a link, see black metal backing plate.
  3. well looks like sort of a heatsink.

    What I would do is just mount it without the backplate, but make sure that the heatsink on top is still VERY safely and securely attached!!!

    Then, before you do anything else, get a temp monitoring app and monitor your temperatures to make sure they are all safe, particularly when under load, using a stress test like furmark.

    Once that is good, I think you should be ok.

    I've never really seen the 8800's with these kind of backplates, so I suppose it should be ok, but make sure you run a few tests to be sure.

    Dear others, please correct me if I'm wrong.

    Cheerz and good luck! :sol:
  4. I believe that plate is just a heat sync for the top of the card, don't think it has anything to do with the attachement of the fan side.

    I have core temp for monitoring my overclock. What's a temp monitor for gpu's?
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