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Dell Optiplex gx270 video card

I just bought a video card for my wife's computer. We have it hooked up to a 23in lcd, and we were getting horrible views, and no options to change the size, or any options honestly view wise. I asked a friend and they told me what basis to look for. My problem is that the comp has 150w power supply, and has to be low profile. I am not looking for anything crazy, but she plays basic zoo tycoon, and zoo tycoon 2. The games dont function on the stock card, so if anyone can tell me if....JATON 3DFORCE6200Xe GeForce 6200 512MB 64-bit DDR2 AGP 4X/8X Low Profile Ready Video Card, from newegg... is correct or will work. It didnt say it needed any upgrade to power, and had good reviews. Just tell me it was money well spent... or not?
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    Well it is an upgrade from the onboard. Did you remove the drivers for the integrated and install the drivers for the GeForce?
  2. Well, I won't say it was money well spent, but I understand the limited options. I had a Jaton FX5200TV installed in an Optiplex 270 and it worked fine for my basic (web browsing/movies) needs at the time. I expect the Geforce 6200 would work just as well; again for just basic needs.

    For gaming, however, the card is just too old (being 9 generations old). You *should* be able to download the NVidia Control Panel for your card which *should* allow you to lower the resolution of your monitor and help improve performance.

    -Wolf sends
  3. no i havent installed it yet, i just ordered it. i will update when it arrives, if you wouldnt mind checking back, in case i have any other questions... however it is not for "gaming"... it is for zoo tycoon for the wife. it is a simple system, and it works for now, so we saw no point in buying a new tower, just for that.
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