GTX 460 or HD6870 for my rig?

Hi all,

recently I've been looking to buy a new GPU for my rig. I'm upgrading from a 9800 GT to either GTX 460 768MB/1GB or the Radeon HD 6870. However, I'm not sure HOW MUCH my current rig will bottleneck these graphics cards.

Comp specs:
Core 2 Quad 8200 2.34GHz
4GB Ram
750 GB on 2 HDDs - plenty of space
Windows Vista 32 bit
GameXStream PSU @ 700W
Native/game resolutions: 1680x1050
Purpose: Games - Starcraft 2, WoW Cataclysm, BFBC2, CSS, and basically getting ready for upcoming games

So as you can see the mobo/spec isn't quite up-to-date. It's pretty obvious neither of these cards will perform optimally under the spec I listed.

I'm just wondering if it's worth it to aim for a good GTX 460 ( HAWK&manufacture=MSI/MicroStar&promoid=1253)/HD 6870 (

or should I stick with the 768 MB version ( because of the bottlenecking issue?


EDIT: Link broke
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  1. Neither processor will probably bottleneck on that CPU. But I'm not really familiar with Intel

    Although I'm a nVidia fanboy I'm going to recommend the 6870 for this because it uses less power and the GTX460 has a bad reputation in games. 6870 is alot more future proof aswell.
  2. Hmm I've always thought I'd have bottlenecking issue since these cards are so new (relatively speaking). I guess I am gonna pass on the 768 MB version of GTX 460 then.

    Also, I've heard some good things about GTX 460 and its performance with Blizzard games, and that ATI drivers aren't as good as NVidia ones. Thanks for your input though :) 6870 is definitely in my consideration
  3. The Q8200 is a decent processor!

    Well as for the GTX460 I'm going on what I've seen and read, I use GTS450. I know ATi drivers are known as abysmal but they can't be that bad.
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