I5 760 Temps Question?

Hey! I have a question, i'm having a hardtime finding a correct reading for my temp, but not sure which is correct. Thing is, i tried HWMonitor, and HWMonitor pro, and HWMonitor pro gives the same readings as RealTemp/SpeedFan ect... Is HWMonitor reading my temps wrong, or is it the rest are wrong? The only thing that puzzeled me is that HWMonitor, and HWMonitor Pro are by the same dev, so i'm confused which to trust.
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  1. Sorry for the double post, but HWMonitor reads 5-10 c higher than the rest i used/tested. Including HWMonitor Pro.
  2. They could be reading from different CPU locations. Here are a couple of diagrams of the various possible CPU temperature readings:
    This is why "core" and "cpu" may return different readings. These locations may be represented in various ways in different applications, accounting for the discrepancy.
  3. So which is most trust worthy/ accurate? =P
  4. Any ideas? I have no decent way of monitoring my temps.
  5. Would help:
    (1) What are the readfings, CPU and the 4 core temperatures. Also your ambient (Room) temperature.
    (2) What is your HSF, Stock or 3rd party
    (3) Is the cpu at stock speed or is it OCed
    (4) Are your readings at idle or under load.
    Under load is more important than @ idle. I use Prime 95 to both test thermal and stability.
    (5) I'm using HWMonitor on I5-750 W/Gigabyte MB) and readings sem correct. One thing I've noticeds is that Core temperatures (which is what I monitor) seems OK, bu MB CPU temp is a Hit/Miss thing Based on MB.
  6. 1: My Cpu readings on all four when idle are around 37-45 degrees. And around 67-72 underload vida Prime95. Room tempature at the moment is around 20c.
    2: It's a stock heatsink.
    3: My cpu is at stock speeds. 2.8 ghz. 3.3ghz in turbo freq.
    4: They're on both programs.
    5: I'm just a little confused which to trust, since HWMonitor is reading 5-10 c higher than HWMonitor Pro. Which is by the same dev? So it confuses me. Speed Fan/coretemp/realtemp all read the same temp. (Including HWMonitor Pro). HWMonitor is the only one seeming off, unless the other programs are just having issues reading my temp.
  7. You said " idle are around 37-45 degrees. And around 67-72 underload vida Prime95."
    Is that for the lone HWMonitor, or for the other three?
    While not always true, if I have three telling me one thing and only one telling me something else, I'd go with the thee.

    That said:
    (1) The stock Intel HSF is one of the LOWEST in terms of Performance. Not a big diff at Idle, but underload the 3rd party HSF are MUCH better.
    (2) The temps you indicated, 37-45 Idle and 67- 72 are about normal for the Stock HSF, Maby a few degrees highe for the Stock HSF. Might just verify that it is seted properly - all four Push pins. Many times that is the problem.

    My self, I DO NOT even install the piece of JU&*&*%, just leave it in the box to weight the box down and keep it from Blowing away (LOL).
  8. My temps are 37-45 degrees idle/ 67-72 degrees unload are from HWMonitor, the others read 5-10 degrees lower. Should i just buy another cooler?
  9. If it was me, Yes. I have little faith in the Intel HSF. Many say it is OK at stock, But there has also been enough that have had problems. Back when the E6400 first came out there use to be a poster here (SupremeLaw) that had an excellent piece on the Intel HSF, his bottom line was thay they should be sued - Anyways they have not improved on them.

    In all honesty, if the others 3 are correct, your temps are fine and no need for a new HSF. While the law of averages say 3 against one - well there are exceptions.

    If you plan on OC I would get a new HSF. The I5-750 is great for OCing. I've been running mine for about a yr & a half @ 3.2 with NO problems.
    I'm using the Zalman 9700LED HSF. My temps with Prime 95 (Using HWMonitor) are 57, 57, 55, & 56.

    The Hyper 212+ is very popular on this forum for Cost/performance. One word of advice is look at instruction (Goole it) on installation. Aplling the thermo compound is different. Do NOT use the pea size method, it uses two or three lines and you need to make sure the space arround the heat tubes are filled.
  10. The only problem is, my case has a strange way of mounting the CPU Fan, it has an inbuilt heatsink mount, where four metal parts stick through the motherboard. And you use tension screws to keep the heatsink in place. So i'm not sure if some CPU Coolers will fit.
  11. What case do you have, maybe some is familar with it and what HSFs will fit.
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