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Screen Tearing hurting my eyes, wth!

Ive noticed a lot of screen tearing in games to the point of making some games obnoxious to play and I'm wondering why because I don't remember things being like this on my current monitor. It seems like even when I have vsync enabled, it is just not working, I'm wondering if it is a driver problem. Im running a 6870 in win 7 64bit with the 10.10 drivers I believe. Im getting great fps in my games but the screen tearing seems to be more noticeable then ever before. Can someone please help me sort this problem out or is my monitor just junk for gaming (I dont remember it being this bad in the past with worse hardware and 1920X1200 resolution @ 60hz. Games that tear really bad seem to be the dx11 ones mainly bfbc2, dirt 2, just cause 2... it just seems like vsync is not working properly or my monitors response time of 5 ms is insuffiecient to deliver non headache performance.

here is my monitor:

Someone please help, thanks
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  1. do you have two monitors hooked up to that card?
  2. no just one at the moment but sometimes I have one dvi monitor (which is my dell listed above) and one hdmi lcd tv. But currently I just have 1 monitor, the lcd tvs native res is 720p and the dells native res is 1920X1200 btw if it matters or this could be conflicting
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    If V-sync isn't fixing your issue on most games (some games won't v-sync), and you don't have 2 monitors hooked up, then it could be a driver issue, cable issue or the monitor itself. Can you attempt to run it on the other monitor by itself and see if things change?
  4. will check another monitor but im pretty sure its the drives because this problem has been consistent ever since I hooked my rig up to my buddy 1080 p 120 hz tv, screen tearing was horrible on that setup so I just figured that it was the 120 hz throwing things off but when I got home and hooked up my monitor the problem seemed to persist whereas before doing this screen tearing seemed to be minimal or nonexsistent with vsync, I thought so do you think that during this process some how the drivers got screwed up?? I will reload the drivers when I get a chance but what is the best to get rid of the old drivers before doing this, I usually just uninstall in device manager but how can I be sure that all the registry is clean from them? Any other thoughts thanks
  5. I normally just uninstall and reinstall, but when I need to get agressive, I use RegCleaner.
  6. should I just install the 10.12 drivers with the old catalyst?? Are those the most stable? also should I be downloading any hotfixes etc?? its hard to tell what is what with these damn amd drivers sometimes, annoying
  7. I've had good success with 10.12 drivers. I use the 2nd set which includes OpenCL, just incase I run into a program that will want it.
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  9. thanks a clean driver install fixed the problem everything looks amazing, can too high of an overclock cause screen tearing bc of the driver failing or something??
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