Logitech V450 Mouse Does Strange Lag

Hello, all.

I browsed on this website a few times trying to find my mouse's lag problem, but everyone else seems to have problems with mouse lags with games or doesn't exactly fit the same problem I have.

Anyway, my Logitech V450 is 1.5 years old, and it's always been working well. But for some reason, about a day or two ago, when I realized my laptop's screen started to jump up and down after returning from sleep mode. At the same time, the mouse started to become very slow and unresponsive. I did a Windows 7 reinstallation and so far, the screen hasn't jumped (I hope it doesn't!) My mouse isn't acting up as much, but it still does this strange pause every few seconds. I already tried cleaning the dust out, it improved the movement of the cursor, but still doesn't work very well.

Basically, the lag is like this (it's hard to explain in words), lets say you're at the center of the screen, if you move the cursor in left and right quickly or at "medium" speed in (lets say about a 2 inch maximum distance), the cursor slowly shifts more to the right or left (while you are still moving the cursor left and right) If you move the cursor up and down, the cursor also either shifts up or down slowly. It keeps shifting slowly to one side of the screen. If you keep moving the cursor quickly, eventually, it will slowly shift the cursor to an edge. So, I guess it's just a pause... it's really annoying because I cannot play time management games. If I try to minimize a window, it sometimes accidentally hit the "x" button instead. Or if I'm trying to hit a "submit" button, the cursor shifts a little next to the button when I'm moving the cursor over to click the button.

This is the first time this ever happened all this time. It always worked with the same items and same surface (wooden desk) I tested the mouse on my lap with cotton pants, and it doesn't seem to do the pause/lag. It just randomly started to have this problem but nothing in the environment has changed. Is the mouse malfunctioning? Downloading the drivers didn't help either.

It's a Logitech V450 Nano, laser and uses batteries to run. The battery isn't low, and even if it was, it never causes the mouse to behave like this.

I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, Intel Core 2 Duo 2.10 Ghz, 4GB RAM.

Thank you so much!!!!!! :)
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  1. try another mouse first and see if that one does it. you might be getting a reflection off of the desk. try an old fashioned mouse pad and see if that helps.
  2. Hi shin0bi272, thank you so much for your reply.

    After I posted this, I then had the idea to test with an old mouse. I used a wired optical mouse, also Logitech and everything seemed to be fine. I actually never had a reflection problem before, I've used this wireless mouse on my desk for almost two years and it hasn't happened until recently. Do you think it's because I dropped it? I dropped the mouse by accident about a week ago but didn't have problems with it until a few days later. :pfff:

    Okay, rather than trying to find out the problem, my product was in warranty so they'll just send me a new one. Thank you for the replies :)
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