Minium GPU for Blu-Ray playback 42-60" TV

My father-in-law wants me to build him a computer, he's paying for it but wants it be a budget build as much as possible. One of his main uses will be connecting it to a T.V. that will be somewhere between 42"-60"(he hasn't decided yet) for blu-ray playback. I don't know anything about blu-ray and what definitions it runs at or what card will be needed to display it correctly. Brand doesn't matter, needs to be DX11. Any recommendations or links to places where I can do my own research are helpful.
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  1. Wow something that cheap will work? Here I was pricing a 5770 or more and hoping it would be enough. Like I said I know nothing about blu-ray.
  2. Yes, Blu-ray is not demanding at all...
    That 5450 is a very good choice....
    It is only $25 after rebate with free shipping!
  3. There might be some light gaming, so I'm thinking 5570 or 5670. Thanks for the advice.
  4. neededausername said:
    There might be some light gaming, so I'm thinking 5570 or 5670. Thanks for the advice.

    If you are going for light gaming I would grab the 5670 which is still very affordable and with an ample cpu you should have solid gaming performance at around 720p in most games (which will be ideal for a large lcd tv), and of course it will have rock solid blu-ray playback capabilities, 5570 unless playing at very low res is pretty weak for gaming, imo but thats just my thoughts
  5. if you can go for a $20 or so increase on your budget from a 5670, I would really reccomend purchasing this gts 450 it will give you some extra muscle in games for details etc, and this one is a great deal

    here is another thread you might want to look at:
  6. Is the TV 3D? Because you might need a 1.4a hdmi output for 3D playback...
  7. No it won't be 3d. For the gaming he might do a 5670 would work, thanks for the help.
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