Laptop won't!!

I was just watching a show on netflix when some message appeared saying my laptop was gonna shut down because of I don't know what; it happened so fast&out of no where. So it shut down, I can turn it on but it won't go past the Samsung screen (I have a samsung q430 laptop btw). I don't hear anything running either..pls tell me this is fixable!! Thanks

(sorry if I didn't post this in the right category..wasn't really sure)
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  1. What operating system are you using?
  2. Also, was it a blue screen, or a popup?

    If it was a popup, it might be a virus preventing you from correctly booting your computer.

    If it was a blue screen, it might be heat-related (in which case you only need to let it cool down for a bit and pay more attention not to block air vents in the future) or a piece of RAM (or even the HDD) that came loose (in which case you just have to re-seat it - and yes, I've had my HDD come loose a couple of times before).

    Worst-case, the GPU (or IGP, or chipset) bit the dust, meaning new laptop needed :(

    Oh, I just remembered: I once had an Asus notebook (F3E-based) that randomly crashed, no apparent reason. Turns out, the Kingston memory module the reseller installed as a freebie, while perfectly OK, was incompatible with that laptop model, and the incompatibility ranged from 100% OK operation to random lockups to 100% inability to power the laptop up. Go figure...

    Good luck.

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