New Build ~1500-2000

Approximate Purchase Date: June/July

Budget Range: 1500~2000 Before Rebates

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, Photosop, 3DS MAX, Cinema4D, Notepad++ (Gaming/Webdesign/GFX Design), Video Editing/Recording (especially with FRAPS)

Preferred Website(s) for Parts:

Country of Origin: United States

Parts Preferences: Prefer ASUS/MSi Motherboard, EVGA Graphics, ThermalTake/CoolerMaster Case, Corsair/Coolermaster PSU, Prefer GSKILL ram (OCZ is getting out of RAM industry??)

Parts not Needed: Windows 7, Monitors (already have money set aside for tri-monitor + 42in Plasma), PSU

Overclocking: Yes

SLI or Crossfire: SLI

Monitor Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Min.

Additional Comments: Wanting to build an Intel platform, recently built: AMD 1090t, 2x 260GTX (EVGA) [Have had since launch, and have had no problems as with prior EVGA cards] 16GB OCz Reaper memory, Asus mobo 980 Chipset (in Iraq at the moment, dont have much info other than 3x PCI slots, 2 at 16x built in June of 2010, and was really unsatisfied with total product, was wanting to build a Sandy Bridge based PC, possibly willing to wait until BD comes out, or even Ivy Bridge (buying timeframe is still a couple months away). So far the components that I would like to have are:

Coolermaster HAF X (have old comp in Thermaltake Armor+)

Asus P8P67 WS Revolution(Chose motherboard based on expansion/possibility of Tri-SLI)

G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 2133 x2

Intel Core i7-2600K Sandy Bridge 3.4GHz

SSD/Boot Drive: Definitely looking for a new SATA III SSD, but possibly due to price, would settle for SATA II, would like to run in a RAID array/ do I need to run in a RAID for boot, as nothing will be stored on the drive except the OS, Adobe CS5/6 (When 6 comes out), 3DS Max, and Cinema4D, possibly 1-2 Games


Crucial RealSSD C300 CTFDDAC064MAG-1G1 2.5" 64GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) x2

Corsair Performance 3 Series CSSD-P364GB2-BRKT 2.5" 64GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) x2

HDD/Storage Drive: 1TB WD Green, unimportant

Graphics: EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Ti FPB (Fermi) 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 x2 want room to add 3rd down the road

Currently I have a Windows Home Server with an old AMD AM3+ 955, 8 gb ram, 10TB Storage, with a 90GB SSD SATA II running WHS, it performs weekly backups, data storage (approx 400GB Music, 6TB Movies/TV Shows, 1TB MISC, 6-800GB Graphics/Coding)

Just really looking for some advice on how to refine the build, as having an I7 2600K is not really necessary, but I normally just go ahead and shove out the extra cash to get the best/better cpu (sub 350$)

Normally I would go all out AMD, but I prefer nvidia graphics, and the Chipsets on AMD boards are garbage mostly (my SLI system does not have SLI Ribbon due to random BSODS/Artifacts, and just a lot of pains that I do not want to continue to endure) The main games I will play/used to play before Iraq were Civ 5, CoD4(mainly online/cevo/whatever new leagues have popped up recently lol), SC2, lots of RTS, but just for time killing rather than actual hardcore play, will mostly be playing CoD: Black Ops (unsure if promod or PAM came out with it/mod tools etc etc... or how it even plays multiplayer as have not had a chance to talk with teammates/friends)

Also I work for would possibly like to be able to help them out by streaming live matches etc etc, and recording to put on website as a backup person.

Thanks for any of the help you could provide as I have said I put the biggest things I want, but if there are cheaper alternatives, I would gladly downgrade if the price/perf is worth it
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  1. With the 560's, you could consider a mid-tower case....even w/ tri-SLI. The HAF-922 or DF-35 would work well and also the new 902 V3. The 922 has great size and cooling but, since it's getting a bit long in the tooth so to speak, doesn't have new features contained in the two Antec Models. If you stick with the full tower, give the Antec DF-85 a look. Hving build w/ both, I like the DF better features and builders standpoint. Of course aesthetics is a very individual thing.

    PSU - The best buy is the Antec CP-850 .... 10.0 performance rating, 850 watts, can handle three 560 Ti's, outstanding performance, extremely quiet .... but limits case choice to Antec models. Other options would include the XFX Black 850 and Corsair HX850.

    SSD - I'd wait 7 - 10 days for the Vertex 3's. See today's article on THG home page.

    HD - Green = Slow..... None of these is the "best" drive. Pick the one that does the best in applications you use.,1016.html?prod[2371]=on&prod[3016]=on&prod[2365]=on

    MoBo - Looking at the specs:


    2 x PCI-Express x16 (dual at x16/x16 mode)
    2 x PCI-Express x16 (at x8 mode)
    3 x PCI-Express 2.0 x1

    Maximus IV Extreme

    4 x PCI-Express x16 (single @ x16, dual @ x8, triple @ x8, x16, x16)
    1 x PCI-Express x4
    1 x PCI-Express x1

    For $25 more, ya can double ya RAM
  2. Here's a recent $2100 build (twin 570's) I did, which I have modified for the Maximus and twin 560 Ti's (+1 to be adde dlater) for your consideration. I also swapped out the Crucial C300 SSD for the new Vertex 3

    Case - $160 - Antec DF-85
    PSU - $120 - Antec CP-850
    Case Fans - Later - Antec 120 mm Fan
    MoBo - $260 - ASUS Maximus IV Extreme
    CPU - $230 - Intel Core i5-2500K
    Cooler - $40 - Scythe SCMG 2100
    TIM - $6 - Shin Etsu
    RAM - $155 - (2 x 4GB) Mushkin CAS 7
    GFX - $250 - Asus 560 Ti
    GFX - $250 Same
    GFX - Later - Same
    HD - $65 - Spinpoint F3 1TB 7200 rpm
    SSD - $250 - Vertex 3 120 GB To be released @ March 15
    DVD Writer - $22 - Asus 24X DRW-24B3L w/ LS
    OS - $140 - Win 7-64 Pro OEM
    Card Reader $35 AFT XM-35U

    Total $1983
  3. Actually sounds good, thanks for the help, I actually love the old Antec Mid-Towers, I have yet to try out one of their full towers, I kind've dig the 1200 v3, as well as the Lan boy, I'm really looking for something different, and wouldnt mind shelling out some extra for the new level 10 case, just wondering if the extra cash is worth the better air flow/if there is even a better airflow compared to todays modern cases
  4. JackNaylorPE said:
    With the 560's, you could consider a mid-tower case....even w/ tri-SLI.

    If he went with a different GPU and wanted to SLI you're saying it won't fit in a mid tower case?
  5. no,he was saying since i am doing the 560's, I could fit it into a mid tower
  6. bayside said:
    no,he was saying since i am doing the 560's, I could fit it into a mid tower

    The way it's written it sounds like if I was going to SLI two 580s then I would have to use a full tower case.
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