Backlight Bleed or Dead pixel prob? pls help!

I have an Lg E2350V led lcd monitor and just recently a dark shadow or black shade appeared on the lower right part of my screen. i check if it was dead pixels or backlight bleeding but i am not sure all i know is i did some tests online and nothing helped. I also considered the possibility that it is caused by magnets but there are non near my monitor. The things near it are a webcam, a extension cord and a modem. There are also a turn off dvd player and a tv but the tv is 3 feet away.

Pls help i really dont know what to do, the warranty is expired already and im not sure if i should just discard my monitor.

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  1. Just to be clear there is no object in front of my monitor to create that shade its really just here. I tried rubbing it and tapping the hell out of it nothing worked.
  2. Take a screenshot and then... oh no wait... :)

    Sorry, my lame attempt at humor. It's probably a few of the LED's dying or disconnecting from their power supply. It's very uncommon actually, LED's are supposed to have a very decent lifetime (longer than the actual display itself). If it indeed comes down to it, I'll recommend you take the monitor apart and see if you can visually observe damage to the power tracks feeding these LED's. This damage can then be repaired if you have some kind of skill with a soldering iron with a small tip and a bit of solder.
  3. LOL i dont think i can fix it on my own i might make it worse :( do you think LG center can fix this? or any comp shop? also, from your you think this is hopeless? i am actually praying for it to just go away though...hell if thats even possible. :|
  4. After looking up the LG E2350V at a few online shops, those which include manufacturer warranty information claim it to have a 3-year manufacturer warranty. (Though, several list the model number as E2350V-SN.) However, LG's website claims that the E2350V-SN only carries a 1-year warranty: Click here and click the Warranty button on that page. You might want to check the website of the retailer/e-tailer from which you purchased it and see what it says. Perhaps you can hold them accountable for it's repair or replacement if they claim a longer warranty than LG does. Regardless. if purchased within the last 12-months, it's covered. If you have it, the product manual should clearly state the warranty terms and conditions.

    You can also chat with LG online via their support page at (click the top-right Support button, then click By Live Chat).
  5. the problem went away for a couple of days and now its back. I was able to get rid of with it while playing a game in fullscreen when when i alt+tab back to desktop it went away. AND NOW ITS BACK!!! :( im brining this to the repair shop if its stays more than 3 days cuz its really annoying. The warranty wont really help since im in the Philippines and im not even in our countries capital. Im going to try to find a LG center here though in case they do fix these kinds of things
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