HD5970 with 9800GT as Physx Card

Hi there

I just got my new HD5970 back and installed it in the first slot and my spare older 9800GT is at the second last slot.
I patched with Physx Mod with latest Nvidia and Physx drivers. all seems to be running well with FluiMark and I can see the Nvidia and Physx logo.

For soemtimes however i get a Physx crash while running the 3DMark11 benchmark during the Physx test and sometimes when playnig a (non-Physx game) the ATI driver stops to response and the game crashes to desktop.

Is there any incompatibility with running both cards, should i remove all Nvidia driveers and Physx and the GT card? Or is this purely an ATI card issue since it stops t respond and the driver recovers?

Thanks much and Happy New Year guys!!
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  1. If you have a lower PCIE, I'd put the 9800 in that slot. The ATI driver stopping often occurs with overheating. If your bios lets you choose which PCIe slot is the primary slot, I'd recommend you putting the 5970 in that one, so it can breath better.
  2. yes i can do select that, I'm using an ASUS R III Extreme.
    I assume the card is getting a bit hot with my current case and you might be right. will try to fix the slot allocation first, second I'm watercooling the system soon so i should get a better temp reading... thanks mate
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