Will 2 GB of Ram improve it?

Hello, I got a GTA San Andreas game but it run like GTA SA Slide show(7-12 FPS) when visual FX quality is turned to anything more than low but in my friend's PC it is very playable(13-18 FPS) with Very high Visual FX Quality
MY PC Specification:
Processor:INTEL Pentium Dual Core E2220 @2.4 GHz
Graphics Chip:GMA 3100(Intel G33/31 Express Chipset Family)
Graphics memory: 256 MB(in WIN 7),384 MB(in WIN XP),320 MB(in Win VISTA)
Graphics Capability:Dx9.0c/Shader Model 3.0 and OPEN GL 1.6
Current OS: Windows 7
Free local Disk Space(Where GTA SA is installed):26.3 GB
MY Friend's PC Specification:
Processor:INTEL Pentium Dual CORE E5200 @2.5 GHz
Ram:2 GB
Graphics chip: GMA 3100(Intel G33/31 Express Chipset Family)
Graphics memory:256 MB (in Win 7 & XP) and 320 MB (in Win VISTA)
Graphics Capability: Dx9.0c/Shader Model 3.0 And OPEN GL 1.6
Current OS: Windows 7
Free Local Disk Space (where GTA SA is Installed): 17.8 GB
We both had installed the latest version of Direct x 9.0c and graphics driver from INTEL.I had also defragmented my Hard DISK but it still runs slow on my PC, so my Ques. is installing 2 GB ram in my system can boost the game.
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  1. yes ... more size ram get will boost game!
    and don't forget about vga onboard ... IGP will use a half your ram :D
    check your game minimum spec requirement, if you have above on it you will fine.
  2. Your friend has a superior CPU, which is part of the reason it plays better. More RAM will help, but the thing you really need is a proper graphics card.
  3. upgrading ram will allow you to play better but what really happens is that u have an on board gpu which is shared with ram so when u run the game 256 mb(max)is taken from Ur ram memory.if u upgrade to 2 GB ram u should be able to play not as mush as ur friend but close since gta is sandbox game and his processor is better.what you really need is a good gpu(graphics card) if you get it u will be able to play the game 4 times better than Ur friend
  4. Any graphics card would be an improvement, not just a good one.
    Get a cheap one from newegg.com (us) or aria.co.uk or scan.co.uk (uk)
    It should cost you about the same money as 2GB of RAM (give or take a few £/$).

    It might also be affected by how/what background apps or processes your running
  5. on board graphics is good for windows card games and web surfing and u-tube to an extent. if you want to game you gotta pay......... pay for a better discreet graphics card. you can add more ram, and you should ( not only for gaming ) but without a good card you're in a losing proposition. agree with herr koos.
  6. Im surprised you can even get windows 7 to RUN with only 1gb of ram. you definitely need at least 2 gb in general. it will also help if you turn off applications running in the background.

    intel gma 3100 is not good enough for even old games like san andreas, it as about powerful as a discrete card from 10 years ago, so it is definitely useless for gaming. you would be better off with a discrete graphics card. You can get radeon hd 5450 for $35 which will let you max out the game, but I definitely recommend something better if you plan on playing any recent or demanding games.

    Your processor is fine for older and not-so-demanding games (definitely more than enough for something like san andreas). But if you want a high performance gaming rig you will definitely need something more powerful.

    so if you are interested only in playing san andreas, i would recommend first upgrading your ram and if that is not enough add a discrete graphics card.
  7. i'm pretty sure you'll be way better adding a decent graphic card, try the HD 4670 512MB or something.....and play that game in XP, if RAM is a problem, XP only uses a fraction as that of 7/Vista:-)
  8. you should just use winxp with that setup Running vista/win7 with 1gb ram is completely useless. get a cheap dedicated vid card and another gig of ram and it will run much better. I would get the vid card first.
  9. I get max frames out of my 6970 and Q9550 @ 4ghz with 2GB of ram on Win7 32bit.

    I would have 4GB if my other stick didn't die and I didn't lose my packaging. However you'd be surprised how much 2GB is capable of.

    Check your memory usage in Task Manager, if you're under 100% Physical then you likely won't see much of an increase from more RAM.

    If you want more performance in games, a graphics card will help you the most.
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