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This post is mostly intended to spread some info.

I recently upgraded my Yonah T2050 Socket M on a Sony Vaio VGN-N130G to a Merom T7600. It's got roughly twice the performance, benchmark wise, and my WEI went from a 4.0 to a 5.6 on the CPU and RAM.

I picked it up on ebay on "Buy It Now or Best Offer" for $55 and now my 4 year old laptop has the CPU power to keep doing all everyday computing tasks--which is pretty useful if I'm on the road and can't use my desktop.

Now I'm looking to upgrade the HDD since it's a 4.3 on the WEI--Old 80GB SATA I 5400rpm. I'll either get a $60 SSD for the IOPS or a $30 7200rpm 2.5" drive.

Hopefully someone finds it useful to know that upgrading a laptop CPU can be perfectly practical.

Sorry, if this is in the wrong thread.

EDIT: I also want to clarify that the new (used, actually) T7600 is running at the full speed fsb of 667MT/s and cpu speed of 2.33GHz.
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  1. Thank you for the good information!

    After this substantial upgrade in CPU, did you notice any rise in temps? If so, how are you addressing it?
  2. My power went out, so I took a while to respond.

    I haven't noticed a substantial heat increase. It's tough to be precise because I forgot to record my CPU temps prior to the upgrade. My wife's similar Dell 1505 that uses a T2250 hits 78C on LinX. Mine hits 88C now and has slightly worse vents for a similar heatsink. That leads me to believe that my original CPU hit maybe 80C on LinX before and 88C now--so no big heat increase. Tjmax is 100C for this CPU, by the way.

    Old Max: 80C
    New Max: 88C
    Tjmax: 100C

    The new good thermal compound (Tuniq TX-2) may also dissipate heat better than the original compound.

    Keep in mind that LinX causes higher temps than pretty much any real world CPU intensive operations will cause. Also, I live in Guam and don't usually have air conditioning so the humid tropical air bumps my temps up about 10C or so.
  3. Thanks!
  4. This topic's not really closed, but I keep getting emails prompting me to choose a best answer.
  5. Yes, that happens whenever one starts a thread! Once the 'best answer' is selected, the mod can close the thread.
  6. Yeah, I know. But I didn't really want to close the thread because I might add a hard drive sometime and it's tough to "best" answer a non-question. You know how the Hot Deals forum doesn't require best answers? Anyways, I'll keep this open another month or so as I hope for a 40GB or larger lousy SSD for $60 or less.
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