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I received a new 6850 Toxic edition for Christmas, and I am loving the performance boost! I have had no issues with installation and setup, so I am very happy with my new card. The only problem I have been having is unusually high temperatures. The card runs at 60C idle (stock clock) with 29% fan(automatic setting). Under load, it gets up to 85C with automatic fan control. I have been wanting to get into some mild overclocking, so I decided to see how the card would do with the fan at 100%. I managed to get up to 1010/1198 without artifacts in ati tool and msi kombustor, but even with the fan at 100%, the card will not go under 80C under load. I have a VERY low budget case with no fans, so I am wondering if a better case will help. I was thinking of getting a HAF 932 or HAF X, along with a corsair H50/H70 liquid cooling kit for my cpu (athlon 2 x4 620), for maximum gpu airflow and cooling for my budget. The real question is whether or not it will drop my temps enough, to be similar to this: http://www.overclockersclub.com/reviews/sapphire_hd6850_toxic/ Also, my psu is an Ultra LSP650, so let me know if it will be able to handle these accessories.

case: http://cn1.kaboodle.com/hi/img/2/0/0/8e/1/AAAAAkHFxUsAAAAAAI4SyA.jpg?v=1195005187000

let me know what you think!

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  1. I have XFX version of the 6870 and they are an extremely hot and loud.I too noticed the high temps and i changed the fan speed to always be at %60 just to be safe.Yes the 6850/6870 is like one big heat conducter,if you have no case airflow than it just makes the inside of the case extremely warm and its almost like baking itself and it will make your CPU temps rise aswell.

    You have a very limited budget and your getting a HAF 932?I'm sure you can find full tower cases that go for around $70.

    The H50 is a really nice cooler,theirs no need to get the H70,it's practicly the same and it saves you about $40.You could even go for the Hyper 212+ on the low budget side.

    What you really need to do is get a lot of High RPM fans say around 2000-3000rpm.They are loud but much quieter than the 6850/6870's fan.

    The main thing of why your temps are so high is because you have no airflow.You proably don't need all that fancy equipment just put some fans in.Either way your going to need to buy some fans to put in the new case might as well get them first and see if they reduce the temps.
  2. I agree with purple. I believe its due to poor case air flow. I have a 6850 @ 775/1000 and it runs idle 36C (40% fan) and with 1 hour stress test @ 100% (100% fan) I never went above 63C. Naturally yours will run a little warmer being oced but your temps are high.

    A good case should help you alot. On the cheaper side a Antec 300 should do the trick or any of the HAF series cases.
  3. Wow.

    MY HD5850 overclocked to 775/1125 (stock 725/1000) only runs 38c idle and 55c after an hour of gaming at 50% fan speed. And that's with a space heater running under my desk. lol
  4. if you want a good case with good airflow for a great price go with the haf 912 and yes i agree with every one else a good case will do a lot to lower your temps

    $60 on newegg: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811119233&Tpk=haf%20912
  5. Thanks for the input. The reason I was looking at higher priced cases, is because I also received a $250 gift card to Frys, and I would rather get a case that gives me maximum upgradability for my system, while offering sufficient cooling out of the box. I also forgot to mention that I am overclocking my processor, and the standard heat sink is a big limiting factor, along with my motherboard. I plan on upgrading my motherboard and memory next, and after that(at this point, I'm talking about next Christmas) probably another 6850, to crossfire. My main issue is that I want to make sure that the new case won't limit any of my future upgrades. In short, I would like to do this right the first time, and hopefully make my new case last for as long as possible. The 912 looks like a great buy, but how would you compare it's cooling potential to that of the 932?

    Thanks for all of your help,
  6. Defenitly a bargan for that haf 912 but it's all about "space" when it comes to mid-tower cases.The H50 is a good but their are some fan/heatsinks that are better for the same price,but the key factor their is that liquid cooling takes up les space than a heatsink does.

    I would go with a full tower just in case.
  7. A Better case with more ventilation and airflow can help yes.

    High RPM fans arent really needed though.

    i have 3 of these http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835103060 in my Thermaltake Spedo Adv case to replace my previous Turbine fans that are no longer made.

    They are near silent and they are EXCELLENT at cooling, all 3 are connected to molexs so they run at max RPMs. and they come with an adapter.

    for 10 bucks you Cant beat the silence and airflow they provide.
  8. Yes those are reallly good i would get those,i have the rosewill version that are $4 cheaper but they are a bit louder.I was saying to get really high rpm fans because the fan on the 68xx is very loud,so you would here that over the other fans.

    I just looked and the fan on my 6870 reaches a maximum speed of 3500 RPM.Super loud but little airflow.
  9. purple stank said:
    Defenitly a bargan for that haf 912 but it's all about "space" when it comes to mid-tower cases.The H50 is a good but their are some fan/heatsinks that are better for the same price,but the key factor their is that liquid cooling takes up les space than a heatsink does.

    I would go with a full tower just in case.

    i know you can find a coolermaster v8 in the 912 and any video card you can think of... i think the 912 is really just a small full tower... or a very large mid tower
  10. Isn't the H50 better than the V8?
  11. purple stank said:
    Isn't the H50 better than the V8?

    ya probably i was just thinking of a big cpu cooler that would fit in the 912
  12. How about the HAF 922m? It's $80 @ Frys, and it has room for a massive 200mm fan on the side, with additional red led fans on the front and top. I'm not sure about the top though, it shows a red fan in the pictures, but it doesn't say that it's red in the description. I like that it has room for a 200mm fan on the side. Also, the H70 is only $25 more than the H50 at Frys, and according to this: http://epczone.net/reviews/battle-of-the-cpu-coolers-corsair-h50-vs-h70/4 , the H70 cools up to 11 degrees cooler than the H50. I also like the idea of the bigger case with more room. I think it will be more effective to have a small water cooler, than a large heatsink, because the heatsink with a large fan will create a lot of turbulance in the case, thus slowing down the circulation of air in my opinion. Once again, let me know what you think.

  13. Looks at this review of the H70,it gives you a more braden spectrem of the types of cooelrs out there.All the test varry considering the case the CPU and airflow,but as you can see here which you should see everywhere else is that the H70 isn't that much better and im my opinion isn't worth the extra $30.If you do buy the H50 make sure it is the Corsair version not the Asetek,the Asetek version is a very very bad model put together with very cheap parts.

    I would think with a liquid cooling system like the H50 you wouldn't need a huge 200mm fan or not many case fans at all(It takes the heat direcetly from the CPU and puts it out the back through tubes)Although it is good for future builds and it will keep the case extremely cooler.

    What are your full system specs so we can be sure you have everything you need...
  14. Also here is another good review..
  15. My system specs:

    mother board: asus m2n68-am-se2

    cpu: amd athlon 2 x4 620 (stock cooler)

    Hard Drive: raptor 34gb(I only use my computer for strictly gaming, so I don't need more space)

    psu: ultra lsp650

    cd/dvd drive: some cheap hp dvd writer from best buy, I cant remember the model

    case: non-brand, came in a barebones kit from tiger direct(mid tower, no fans)

    gpu: sapphire ati hd 6850 toxic edition
  16. 34gb is extremely small even for a gamer.A basic game with a capagin is around 7g.Must be a typo

    So you have no fans at all expect the one thats on the stock cooler?

    What about your RAM?If you have less than 4g i would suggest getting some more.

    Is this your mobo?

    I don't know much about mobo's but i don't even know if it's possible to run an athalon ii in that mobo...

    Well if that is your mobo i would suggest getting a new one.One that will last longer and has more expansion slots maybe even a corssfire capable mobo that you could get another 6850 in time.

    EDIT:Have you decided which cooler your going to get?
  17. Heres a review on Overclocking your prossesor.

    Seems it's not great al all with O.C. and it isn't a Black Edition so it makes O.C.ing a little more difficult.

    I might even say to you to get a new prossesor and mobo if you expext to do some moderate to serious O.C.ing.But if you new and just want to get your feet wet i would say to stick with your current one that way you have more knowledge about it when you go to O.C. a serious prossesor for a future build.
  18. Sorry, I meant the 74gb version, I don't know how the 3 got in there. As far as memory goes, all I know is that I have 2gb of DDR2, it came in that tiger direct barebones kit. I'm not with my computer at the moment, so I can't look. I don't want to upgrade the memory until I get a new mobo, since DDR3 is coming into play, and I'm focused on making my components last. For when the time comes, I'm thinking about this motherboard: http://www.frys.com/product/6241540?site=sr:SEARCH:MAIN_RSLT_PG

    and one of these memory options:



    or: http://www.frys.com/product/6149319?site=sr:SEARCH:MAIN_RSLT_PG

    For now, I think I will go with the H50, and either the 922 or the 932, depending on in-store prices, since they always fluctuate. I will probably pick up a few more fans, to fill any optional fan spaces in the case, and possibly make the H50 a push-pull system, since that seems to be the main reason that the H70 runs cooler. I don't think I will change my processor, since I am not very serious about overclocking right now, and I have already raised the reference clock enough to give me 3.33ghz, from 2.6ghz, and the only thing that is limiting me is heat.
  19. im getting only 56 temp unde rmaxed load with my overclock at 1000/1250 on my 6870, is this weird? I get 39 underlaod and my fan is only at 54 percent?
  20. I've seen other reviews that have people's temps in the same ballpark.Lots of factors play into the temps(case airflow,componets,version of the card/manufactuer and many others)
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