ATI 5830 HD No video , but posts.

Hello ,

I have a issue with a ASUS EAH5830 HD Graphics card.When in my PC it comes on and posts , I don't get a signal from it. When connecting back into onboard video it comes up with the card still in, but it does not see the new card.This card is PCI-E 2.1 x16 , my board supports only PCI-E 2.0 , 1.0. Does this card offer no backwards compatibility? Or is there another issue I may not be seeing?Even tho I don't see any added support for gpu's in the bios updates, would it help any at all to update my bios and try again?

The card I had before was Geforce 9800gx2 Which worked great but burnt up due to fan blockage. I tested my Power supply with 2 different testers i have,both came back showed power in each of my PCI-E connectors.The fan on the gpu does come on.

Thanks in advanced, any help would be welcome.

System Specs:
AMD Phenom 9850 Quad AM2+
1000 Watt PSU Coolermaster
Vista Ult 64bit
2 Harddives
1 DVD drive
HDA Explosion 7.1 Sound Card.
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  1. You need to install the video card driver before putting the new card in. Put the disk in the card came with while using the onboard video, and then put the card in, plugging your monitor into it after it's installed. (btw, restart your computer before doing that.)
    That SHOULD work.
  2. I did try this as well. I need my PC today(using onboard Video), tomorrow I'm going to try updating the bios.Use some caned air on the PCI-E slot and reseat the card a few times.
  3. Since you have integrated, boot off that. Uninstall ALL ATI and Nvidia drivers and then run Driver Sweeper and delete ALL the remains.

    I've never heard of installing drivers before the card, but I've also used Intel based PCs so maybe AMD is different. Usually Windows will find the hardware and auto install some drivers for it. I can't see any harm in it either way but anyway, IMO:

    Reboot after the deleting. Install new 10.12 drivers from ATI. Turn off, install card, run video off it. Boot up.
  4. I have Nvidia as my integrated graphics.I did remove them, but still same issue.It does not seem windows see's the card at all ,I would be over joyed if I could get a windows have found new hardware.I have removed all drivers , so it only showed Standard VGA(this was onboard)under device manager.I only have the option to tell the Bios to auto select which to use or i would disable it.

    Also I'm using HDMI cable from the PC to the monitor.I have never had issues with HDMI before with my video cards , but there can always be a 1st time for everything.
  5. Does the video work for POST then, but cuts out when Windows is loading? Or at login?
  6. Its get zero video from the new card. Its posts I hear windows sounds coming up ,I swap the HDMI cable back to onboard I have windows up. The Video card fans turn on , I have plugged in both the 8 pin and 6 pin connectors. Just doesnt seems like My motherboard sees a device plugged in or Windows doesnt.
  7. What motherboard is it?
  9. Just tried reseating it , just for giggles. Didn't work , its inside my PC now. Adding a fan and drawing some power :( .
  10. Hmm pretty odd. Have you updated the BIOS?

    You might want to head over here and see if they can help you. I don't know what the problem would be right now... but definitely seems to be a mobo issue. HDMI&SLanguage=en-us
  11. Thanks for the help Wolfram23 . I'm about to try a few things. I'll report my findings.
  12. Popped in my friends 9800gt , worked fine.
    Put back in the 5830 , still nothing.
    Removed all other pci cards , just 1 Sound card , still nothing.
    I guess as much as i hate to i need to update my bios.
    I would not think a new card would be bad out of the box , but i hate returning online purchases.
  13. Just tried the DVI connector instead of HDMI still nothing.I'm awaiting a response from ASUS to get this fixed wish I could talk to a live support person.
  14. Update.
    Got a new card , same thing.
    Called ASUS support , they were pretty nice.Asked me what all I had in my system, and what all I tried.The guy I talked with wasn't reading from a list, nor did he take me for a idiot which most support does.So two thumbs up to ASUS support.

    He asked me if I updated my Bios , which I said no.
    He then asked me what my Mother board was(M3N-HD HDMI).
    Looked at the bios update notes which didn't have any added support for video cards.He asked me to update the bios as a last hope, which I hate doing btw.

    Updated bios rebooted. Yahtzee! that was it.
    I feel bad for not doing it with the 1st card, so I learned a lesson.
    Thanks again for help guys.
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