New build, usb freezes system

Everything was going well. But if I plug anything other than my wireless network adapter or my mouse into the puter, it freezes.
I am running windows xp, have downloaded every update I can .
The sytem is built from
ASRock 890FX Deluxe4 mobo
8gb G.skill ram
western digital HDD
Gigabyte 6850 1gb
XFX black edition 750 watt power supply

I've tried the devices I want to use on other puters and they work fine. the ones I'm having trouble with ...
Mascool external HD
Wacom Intuos 4 graphics tablet
Logitech G13 game pad
several wireless keyboards.
If I plug any of them in, the system will just freeze and I have to hit the reset button, If I try booting with the device already plugged in, I get a black screen. I've tried uninstalling the usb ports in device manager. didnt help.
What am I doing wrong???
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  1. I flashed the bios, not only did it not solve the problem , but now there are two usb ports showing up as having no drivers. when I try to update the drivers, windows can't find them
  2. someone please help me with this. I need to use this computer for school, and its absolutely useless without being able to connect usb devices :[
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