Installing old 8800GT into 250W system - (edit) - recommended PSU???

Hey all

Simple question. what are the side effects to installing such a big card with such a little PS. I know its not recommended, friend is desperate for some better graphics without spending much to improve his crappy HP.

Will it work? And if so, what will be the damage down the road to warn him about?

Thanks for help...

see below for updated question..

PSU recommendation under 50 bucks.
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  1. I'm sure it will fry that PSU.Tell your friend to get a HD 5670 instead.
  2. Yep. most likely, the psu will break under that load. Either get a card with lower power consumption, or buy a decent psu.
  3. thanks for the help guys. I abandoned that idea quickly lol. Looking to upgrade his PSU now... for as cheap as possible... makes me nervous.

    Can anyone recommend a decent cheap PSU... that can handle the 8800GT and a modest system, he doesnt have much in it... just a simple HP comp. He isn't ready to buy a new comp/build but wants this card, and needs a new HD.

    So good PSU that won't die in a couple months? Under 50 bucks, thats as high as he is likely to go. He knows the risks of cheaper PSU.

  4. Quote:
    does the 8800GT require 1 or 2 6-pin plugs.?

    Just the one 6 pin.
  5. Quote:
    I knew that you would know...
    u still SLI the 8800GT's..?

    Yeah, I'm waiting to see if the GTX560's are worth getting as replacements.
  6. Quote:
    I think that they will be..

    The hype surrounding them is pretty enticing but I'm quite happy to wait for the dust to settle and the price to drop a bit from what it will be at launch.
  7. A good quality power supply for that system and the 8800GT would be this 430w Corsair unit at $50 and then a $10 rebate.

    review of that power supply.
  8. Quote:
    sounds logical..

    That's what being an old fart does for you. :(
  9. Went with

    OCZ modxstreme pro 500W. Had good recommendations and got it for 60 bucks. Not bad.
  10. It's a good power supply.
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