P5Q Deluxe Help....

Guys, it's been a long time and everything was going well until the other day.

My P5Q Deluxe suddenly gave me *** and I'm a bit baffled as to what to do.
Every time I boot it up a series of errors appear in order:

CPU Fan Error!
CPU Over Voltage Error!
System has a new processor installed...(something about resetting everything)
and finally, Fatal Error Chassis Intruded System Halted!

I'm stumped...

I go in to the bios and it's a bit odd. Hardware monitor shows a cpu temp of -1 degrees C and a board temp of 0 degrees C. It's not showing any fan speed and the voltages are all showing red...3.3v is 4.5 and 12v is showing as 14v etc. etc.

Finally, I can boot the machine but only after I clear the cmos which I can't be arsed doing every time for obvious reasons.

Any help would be appreciated.

Setup is

P5Q Deluxe
Q9450 @ 2.66
8GB Corsair Dominator 8500
Corsair TX750 PSU
2 x HiS 4870's crossfire
2 barracuda 750gb
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  1. It wouldn't be my psu would it? I've had it running in crossfire for nearly a year now and no problems until today. Just a thought.
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