Amd phenom II x4 955BE vs Intel core I3-2100

I'm about to build my first pc and asking for advice of the CPU. I have a tight budget, so thats the best ones i can get, the AMD here in Finland is 105e and the Intel is 110e, and i will mostly use them for gaming, and i don't plan to overclock anywhere near the future.
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  1. here's a link to do some comparing
  2. You might want to wait for news on AMD Bulldozer CPU's. They've been a bit delayed now and should appear in July-August. Phenom II prices might drop as the new ones launch as well.
  3. The X4 being a true quad is tempting.. It will give better overall performance.. Gaming wise though, the i3 2100 is more powerful.. And since getting it will give you a platform wherein you can upgrade to the awesome processors like the i5 2500k in future, going for the i3 2100 will be my recommendation..
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