Best Graphics card for Blue-Ray playback

I also need suggestions on upgrading to Blue-Ray. I Have a Q6600 CPU. Just got an LG 3D playback internal drive. I need to upgrade my video card. Looking for one to run HDMI through my Onkyo receiver. I don't Have 3D TV yet but maybe in the future. Any suggestions on my best options?
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  1. The best card? GTX 580 :)
  2. Shoot, didn't really want to spend that much. I was thinking around the 250 range.
  3. then gtx 460 ftw.
    its better than 6870 and 6850 and also than a stock gtx 460.
  4. Thanks for your help. I guess I have to upgrade my power supply. mines only 350 watts. 450 is reccomended
  5. would the GT430 work?
  6. If you are not going to play demanding games, the GT 430 is perfect for Blu-ray. If you do play games: NVIDIA GT 240 or ATI HD 5670. All these three cards will run perfectly with your PSU.

    This one is the best GT 430:

    Let me know if you play games and if you do, then which games.
  7. Yeah no Games, strickly Blue-ray. I like the price of the 430. I'll probably go with that one. With that one I won't have to upgrade my power supply either.
  8. why do you recommend that one?
  9. Yeah, go with the GT 430, that's what it is made for :)
  10. Thanks for all your help. Gonna order it now.
  11. You are welcome :)
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