GTS 450 OR HD 5770 ON 1024X768 MONITOR!!

im gonna build a new gaming rig. but im gonna stick to my old monitor. it has a max resolution of 10024x768. so if ibuy a hd 5770 card instead of a gts 450 is it a waste of money. i think the gts 45o can max out any game on 1024x768. but sometimes in the futre i'll buy a new mnitor. please help
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  1. i would suggest hd 5750 for that resolution,even my hd 3870 gddr4 is able to max out any game at that resolution,5750 is more than enough on that resolution,my friend has hd 5670 which gives him 35 to 38 fps in dirt 2 dx11 at that low resolution.gts 450 will be overkill.hd 5750 is way to go.
  2. what about the hd 5770? is it a waste of money?
  3. yeah both hd 5770 and gts 450 will be waste of money for that resolution.
  4. thanx loadz man!!
  5. just get hd 5750,its the best card you can find now,you will be able to max out almost any game with good settings at that resolution,good luck for your next 5750 card,it would be your best bet.cya out there.
  6. will the graphics be horrible on 1024x768! will i have to turn off anti aliasing? and will the game lag?
  7. at that resolution. aliasing artifacts are more apparent.

    to say that the 5770/gts450 is a waste at that resolution is an understatement. fire up crysis/metro2033 and you suddenly have a slideshow (at max settings + AA).

    and to the dude who has a friend who plays dirt2 @ 38fps and calls it gratifying you need to wake up, racing games at that fps is a pain in the butt.

    but seriously to the TS, why on earth would you stick to a resolution so low you'd actually built a new rig just to play at it.

    get an xbox360 + a new hdtv instead.
  8. I run a GTX450 1GB at 1280x1024 and 1024x768 on games, I can play everything at high and some at ultra-high. Hardly uses any power too.
  9. ok thanx!! then i should buy a new monitor & a hd 5770. thanx!
  10. yes a new monitor with at least 1680x1050. though a 5770 wont be able to completely max out all games with full AA, it does a pretty damn good job at that res. you should only have problems with games like Crysis and Metro 2033. in other words you will have to lay off the AA on those two
  11. ok thanks for everything guys!
  12. oh man 38 fps on dirt 2 was when ran in directx11 at 1024x768,at dx11 performance is more than 60fps on an hd 5670,so hd 5750 is way to go,it will run directx11 upto 55fps and thats enough.if it doesnt then its your cpu bottleneck,because when resolution because when it 1024 x 768 gpu is on idle and game takes all power of cpu.hd 5750 is way to go.hd 5770 and gts 450 is waste of money if you will game at 1024x768
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