Which option is better

I'm debating between

1. AMD Athlon x3 450 + ati 6850 + ASrock 770 ($320)
2. i3 2100 + nvidia 460 GTX + probably $100 mobo ($410)

For WoW and youtubing. Is it worth the $90 upgrade? I might not overclock (cause I don't know how).
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  1. It is not worth the $90 upgrade if all your doing is playing WoW and youtubing. You will run WoW and other games easily on high settings 60+ FPS on the AMD build.
  2. Will the ati 6850 bottleneck the amd x3 450?
  3. No, and you may also be able to unlock the 4th core if you know how to.
  4. Will it be good enough to run WoW at 1920x1080 on ultra settings?
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