Upgraded Video Card...Monitor Won't Work

I have a computer and I swapped video cards 2 days ago. I powered down the system (forgot to remove drivers), removed my old 7600GT, and put in the new GTS 250 and hooked up the power connector. I powered the PC back on and the monitor will not come back on. It says "No DVI Input" and I can't get to any screen whatsoever.

I have tried putting the 7600GT back in and even that didn't work. I cleared CMOS by removing the battery for 8 hours and disconnected the 24 pin main supply to the MOBO but to no avail. I tried booting from a Windows XP disk but still I don't get a screen. At this point I am beginning to think that my HDD is shot or I have a virus that is not letting me boot.

I know the monitor is not the issue as I am using it right now on an old PC. I know that it isn't the PSU as it is ample for the 250 GTS (OCZ GameXStream 600+ watts). I thought that it was dust that had gotten into the PCI-e slot so I spent 6 or more hours yesterday removing every component in the case and getting out all of the dust with a vacuum. The monitor is still not recognized. This problem has only happened because I tried switching cards but neither card will work now.

Intel E6750 CPU
Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L MOBO
2 x 1GB PC2 6400 CL4 Crucial Ballistix RAM
Antec Nine Hundred Case
Seagate 500GB HDD
OCZ GameXStream 600+ W PSU

I need some serious help on this one. I have contacted EVGA Customer Service and they were unable to troubleshoot it for me. The only thing I can think of short of a HDD failure, a virus, or something not being properly seated/connected is dust in the PCI-e slot, but I have already checked connections and thouroughly dusted.

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  1. I had this problem when I upgraded to the GTS450, I then noticed that someone had stolen the RAM out of my computer. Maybe your RAM's dead, or even CPU.
  2. Funny you mention about RAM being bad/missing. I recently read the same thing while Google searching for an answer. Previously my RAM was working fine. I DID remove one of the RAM modules for inspection (out of curiosity) when I removed my old 7600GT but I put it back into place. Some dust might have gotten in there and I am going to once again attempt to clean out both RAM slots and the PCI-e slot with canned air.

    I have tried booting with one stick at a time and put them into different slots but no boot. I seriously doubt that the CPU is dead but don't know how to test this unless I can find someone with a Socket 775 board. As I said, all was working fine until I removed the 7600GT.

    The RAM modules have been firmly seated and are not loose. I still do not know where to start. There are only a few possible causes for the monitor not recognizing a DVI Input right? I still suspect dust and will be trying to rule that out shortly after I get some canned air.
  3. Dust, invalid. Dust doesn't cause these problems.
  4. Agreed, it isn't dust because I just cleaned both RAM slots and the PCI-e slot with canned air and it still won't boot. Next suggestion? Guessing I should find some DDR2 and see if I can get it to boot.

    Is this looking like a hard drive failure? I'm leaning towards that. If I can only get my computer to boot and show a screen I know I can fix it without having to ask for help. Never had this happen before.
  5. I doubt it's the HDD, I once tried booting without a HDD on a old machine and it works. This is a strange issue, sorry I can't think of anything else than what I've already said. Hope you can fix it.
  6. I suppose the only things it could be are the RAM, the MOBO, or a connection that is either bad or not being made.

    I just don't understand how my computer worked fine with the old 7600GT and when I tried installing the GTS 250 it won't boot, and now neither card will allow monitor to recognize a DVI Input.
  7. Also, the 7600GT fan will spin when I power on the computer, so the PCI-e slot is getting power, and everything else on the computer seems to be running fine so maybe it isn't the MOBO?
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