Antec 902 v3 question...

Hey guys,

I can get an Antec 902 v3 for $84.98 shipped. I've gathered that this is a very nice case from a lot of people here. Problem is...I already got an Antec 600 v2 for $35.

My question is...

Is the Antec 902 v3 worth $50 more than the Antec 600 v2?

I'm thinking my build will probably last me for a minimum 5 years for what I'm using it for, and by the time I'm wanting to build a new one I'd want to get a better case than the 902 anyway (assuming in 5 years there will be a new "best value" case. I'd more than likely pass this 2011 build to my girl and need a new case anyway.

So, basically, I guess I'm just checking to make sure I'm not missing if the 902 IS ACTUALLY $50 better than the 600. They seem pretty close to least within $50 close.

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  1. So, by the lack of responses...I should take that as no reasons to spend any more on a case and just roll with the 600 I already have?

    If there's no arguments otherwise, that's probably what I'll do then.

    Speak now or forever hold your peace. (or maybe piece in this case?).
  2. You have to give it some time for response's.This secation isn't as active as others and not as many "veratans" as other,to provide you with good sugestion etc.

    I don't see a huge differene between these case' that would warrant you to buy the "better" version.They both provide tons of case fan cabalities and both support the same mobo's.It's really up to you as to what you think best fits you.But in my opiniont both case's are the same so if you already own the 600 I see no point in getting the 902.

    If both case's already supply really good cooling(with or optinal)then what you need to spend your money on is the hardware.
  3. The 600 looks good to me. I like my 900 II, but just looking at some pics I don't see much difference between the two, cooling wise.
  4. The 902 is a superior case,the materials used and construction is better.
    It weighs 10lbs more.
    The drive bays are removeable,not fixed,its interior is finished.
    All the fans are TriCools.
    I'll venture to guess it's quieter also, and has better cable management.
    The price difference is only $40 if you go by Newegg's regular pricing.
    I looked at the 600 when i bought my 902.
  5. Does the 600 have USB 3 ? if it does I'd go that one, if not I'd go the 902 V3
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