Small Business server options that handls PCs and Macs?

Hello all,
I'm asking this question as I'm the only one at our company who has built his own PCs n the past, but I have no experience when it comes to servers and setting up an office properly. I appreciate anyone's time and advice in pointing me in the right direction.

The company I work at is considering getting a small business server, that will act as a file storage/sharing & printer server. We have both the business side users who are on PCs, and the design dept. that is on Macs.

Is there a hardware solution out there that would accommodate both macs and pcs connected on the same network?
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    that should get you started with sharing

    server wise it depends on what you want the thing to do. is it going to be a domain controller and file server and print server? How many pc's do you have in your network? if train a leaves the station in san antonio no wait wrong question... I also think that a mac can see whats on the pc network (since mac OS is basically linux) natively so anything your pc guys store on the file server will be available (though maybe not usable) to the guys on the macs. So if you have a pc server the macs should be able to access it though they may have to be running samba (the linux to windows service that allows linux computers to join windows domains etc) to get it running.
  2. Thanks. It will primarily be a file/printer sharing network. There's roughly 15 or so people that work here, very small, very simplistic setup is what they're looking for.

    again, much appreciated for the info.
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