Need a graphics card for around 100 bucks what is best for me.

I dont do mmuch gaming but have adobe suite and will be doing a lot of photo shop and movie editing stuff which I was told can eat up a lot of system need just like some high end games do. So i got rid of my old amd 64x2 3800 processor and upgraded my whole system. So here is what I did.Started with a ASUS M4A785-M AM3/AM2+/AM2 AMD 785G HDMI Micro ATX AMD Motherboard, AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition Deneb 3.2GHz Socket AM3 125W Quad-Core Processor, G.SKILL 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory, and got a new case for cooling better than what I had Ultra eTorque ULT33180 Mid-Tower ATX Case - Silver, Front USB, FireWire and Clear Side and a Ultra LSP550 550-Watt Power Supply - ATX, SATA-Ready, SLI-Ready, 135mm Fan power supply and a 750gig 7,2000 speed barracuda hard drive also have two dvd drives that record so thought that I did a decent job setting up a base for meeting my needs. I still may want to game some I guess I just dont do it like I did 10 yrs ago when glued to the computer for hours on end so need that as an option. Just like everything else I got there are so many options that you get lost in trying to find the best bang for the buck. I have spent more than I wanted on this rig but feel I got some on clearance and on sale so am ahead of the game by over a hundred bucks by shopping around and waiting on deals and sales. I have around 450 tied up so far on it and am looking to spend around 100 on a graphics card but also want something to go good with what I have and dont want to have all this good stuff and not put a decent card with it to match the system I have built. I am going to get 8 more gig of ram here also soon so if that is an issue having only 4 gig. Looking at some big hd montors also like asus 24 inch that new egg has for around 200 bucks so will have a hd screen to hook to it over the older 19 inch one I am running now that uses the old port on it. SO looking for advice on what card you all recommend and look forward to what everyone has to offer in what they run or reccomend for the money. Also if someone is running a sale on something for 50 bucks that will meet my needs I am all for Dont have to spend that 100 if I dont need to just want to get what I need to for photoshop and some games that I might decide to play. Thanks for the advice in advance and so far looks like gts 450 type cards are around what I would need by what I have read so far but might be more than I need and not sure if my system will match it well or not and why I am asking the pros in here to help. Oh and running windows 7 ultimate on it 64 bit.
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  1. So many types of gts 450 cards that range from 100 bucks to 190 depending on who makes it. So which manufacture I guess. I have always ran geforce and had good luck never have lost a card from them and have some antiques in the closet that still work with many years running on them but know things change and better ones are out there or could be and why I ask.
  2. ok now wanting a new monitor and thinking something around 21 to 27 inch going to go smaller 21 led or 27 lcd as trying to edit stuff in photoshop on a old 19 inch sucks and with looking at video cards at compusa last night I see some older 4650 radeon stuff for 70 bucks still 1 gig some at 512 but know more is better so what is much better on the new one that is still 1 gig 4750 series that is over 100 bucks or the older 4650 still same ram and clock speeds are close. So if I can get a cheaper one that will still do what I need I can spend more on a screen which for sure the more u spend the better. Need some help and not getting any replies on this.
  3. seems they can run hot anything a little better at controling heat same or similar specs for a little more money? so much to look at and try to under stand when reading what they have not just about having 1 gig or 512 or 256 meg or ram so what do I need to look for when shopping them? rather spend a little more and get better and wait than spend a little now and have it burn up in a year. My last geforce 256mb card never failed on me pushing it and back then it was 125 bucks lol 2004 or 05 I think I built that one and so out dated now but spent money then so wouldnt fail and get many years out of it and did what I needed it to then.
  4. You want something for nothing, thats hard to do.

    Get a 100-110 for a gts 450 or a 5750
    135 for a 5770
    150 for a gtx 460~ 768
    170 for a gtx 460 1gb
  5. not that at all just so many ones to choose from so dont want to go wrong and spend money in the wrong place just saying if I get a good deal and spend less on that can spend more on a monitor which will be changing here soon too. so where will 100 bucks be best spent.
  6. the best around you is hd 4850 or gts 450.
    both have the plugs I need and clock speed higher on these if that makes a difference at all but saw only 128 bit where some are 256 the ati ones can be higher bit so is that a better platform to go with???
  8. if you cna afford it the direct cu - top asus gts 450 is a awsome card, its what i use...

    that said is the same price (down to the same rebate) and will preform better in most circumsatnces esp if you are willing to overclock

    either are great options if you can front 140 and get back the 20 later
  9. yeah 140 is in my price range so what do u think. something better u would personally get if had the 140 to spend on your rig?
  10. I need a old style connector still just until I get my new monitor but that may be a couple weeks so have to run the old style until then unless has an adapter with it.
  11. I'd buy the asus direct cu TOP all over agian... btu i need a cuda card so i can't go ati

    honestly it depends on what you play, i play alot of WoW which prefers nvidia video cards over ati, same with starcraft. borderlands also prefers nvidia, but there are plenty of titles that like ati cards better, what games do you want to play? that'll help determine the right answer between the two
  12. really more for photoshop and stuff like that as not gaming much anymore. I have some racing sim games and would like to maybe get something like the old quake first person type stuff now that I have a better computer that can run the new stuff. But read you need a good card for photoshop or can take a long time to make changes.
  13. really less I spend here more I can spend on a larger monitor like a 27 inch instead of a 23 or 24 which would be nice. 27 maxes out my desk and know that also is something to consider when getting a card. all I know is right now the ati on board only pulls a 4.1 on the windows 7 performance monitor and my old dell xps with 512 nvedia gets a 5.7 and it isnt all that great so know the ati on board I have now must really suck. lol
  14. photoshop i believe uses cuda so probably the gts 450 would be best for ya ofthose,2770-8.html

    a nice display is of coarse very important as well but unless the resolution of the bigger monitor is bigger then the smaller monitor with the same pixel count wiill have a better pixel density and thus produce a crisper image... still nicer to have a bigger monitor but jsut pointing out image clarity higher pixel density the better it looks)
  15. went with this one
    tired of reading about guess it will do all i need and seems like a good price with rebate.
  16. tahts pretty much the best gts 450 out there :D its the same model i have, i have mine overclocked past the factoy overclock at 1 Ghz even and ti still runs nice and cool
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