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Hi guys,
I've got some problem with my 8800GTS. I regreased it with MX2, and now the fan is stopping when I'm run 3D apps. (I take off the cooler cover and fix an 8cm fan on a cooler, so its "solved") Second big problem is my ambient temp is sometimes jumping in both high and lov temps, like 110 and -60 °C. I'm monitoring the temps with rivatuner and GPU-Z. Core temp is with riva monitor says 72°C max, but with GPU-Z max gpu core temp shows about 110-120°C. Sometimes I see on a GPU-Z monitor a temp jumping on GPU core too. What is the problem?
My comfig : Asus P5Q SE PLUS mobo, E5200 @3.4Ghz CPU, Chieftec GPS-450W PSU, 4x1Gb Kingston hx 1066Mhz mems, 2 hdd, 1 odd, 2x 8cm and 1x12cm fan. CPU temp @ idle is about 30°C max load is 58°C (with intelburntest).
I own this VGA about a year and I didnt got any problem til now.

Here is a riva monitor with marks:
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  1. 110° - 120° and the core would melt (max 105°C according to Nvidia). Believe Riva tuner!
  2. rolli59 said:
    110° - 120° and the core would melt (max 105°C according to Nvidia). Believe Riva tuner!

    Only if they used very very low quality bonding, I had a cooling failure last August with one of my 9800GTs and the card survived 112c without even arctifacting. Was playing wow and reached over to check on things then noticed that the cooler was scolding hot. The card is heavily modded and the vram is interdependently cooled by a separate cooler (nickle plated cooper). Some cards can take that temp but that is only a small few and still remain stable.
  3. rolli59 - I mean 110-120°C its also a temp jump, so I've got a lots of temp jump while monitoring and fan duty cycle, fan speed suppy voltage is also jumping but I dunno why :S
    Today morning I'm turned on my pc, and started to play COD MW2. I adjust Speedfan, if GPU temp hit 90°C its beeping. So I played cod mw2 about 5 min and its beeped... because stock fan stopped spinning. Restart, its ok. Then I get some gpu and cpu stress with furmark and intelburntest in the same time. It's running about 20 min and everything is fine. I left my pc alone about 2 hour in idle nothing happened, its workin. Now I played cod mw2 again and about an hours later speedfan is beeping. :S so exit the game, restart. All driver is the latest version and I'm reinstall win7 32bit. I also disassembled my VGA, cleaned everything with nitro diluent, regreased with mx2. And I'm updated my VGA bios fan cruise well. (fan duty min 45%, with the xtreme burning furmark mode its get 81-82°C, while playing game its max 70-75°C (cod mw2 1920x1080, high, got 90fps), idle 56-59°C)
  4. beeping? Some models did include a small speaker that would sound when there isn't or in the case of lose of power from the connector but that will sound very different from the one on a board. I suggest that you scrape up some cash on the side till you can either replace the card or better yet upgrade before it dies on you. Some cards can take the heat for short periods of time but your spikes which tells me that it is failing.
  5. nforce4max, yeah beeping. Speedfan have an events option where u can add settings like this. I set this up, cuz I dont want to burn my GPU when I'm on game and VGA fan just stop spinning.

    I also get saving money for new VGA its will be hd 5850 or 5870.
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