Winxp installation problem

I have a supercomp motherboard and
INTEL mc' 03
Pentium r 4
2.8 GHz/LM/800 processor.
I used windows xp in that for 6 months. Then i got some problem with my graphics (i could just see the blur display on my CRT). Then i disassembled my C.P.U and reassembled and found 1 of my DDR RAM was damaged. Then now iam using my 1GB RAM which is working fine. But iam not able to Install Windows xp again. Winxp is getting booted from the CD also getting formated and files are being copied. Then when it gets restarted its getting stucked(hanged) on the windows loader screen(the black color screen where it shows windows loading at the center) before it continues the further installation of XP. Win Xp CD is working fine in other systems.
I tried windows 98 its working fine in the above config.
I think my motherboard has some problem.

Please help me to trouble shoot it...
Thank you,
warm regards.
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  1. Your cd drive might not like that Win XP cd...
  2. zloginet said:
    Your cd drive might not like that Win XP cd...

    Nope its fine...
    Do i need 2 put the jumper into the HDD which i had removed it earlier?
  3. I tried with the jumper too... But same problem
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