Need help selecting parts for a new gaming system

Approximate Purchase Date: this monday march the 7th
Budget Range: 900-1100
System Usage from Most to Least Important: gaming for 8 plus hours, surfing the web downloading music,and schoolwork on Microsoft word and PowerPoint.

Parts Not Required: i Have a gaming mouse and monitor. I aldo can get speakers at a later date.

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: prefer new egg but if you have a respectable site that has the part cheaper I will float the idea

Country of Origin: U.S of the A

Parts Preferences: I would like an intel i7 processor and a nvidia gtx 460 graphics card. Past that it's open season

Overclocking: no
SLI or Crossfire: No idea. If this is the multiple graphics card thing then no

Additional Comments: also I need a built in wireless receiver for my verizon fios.

If y'all have any other questions just post and I'll do what I can to answer them quickly

This is what i have put together so far minus a motherboard

So suggestions on a motherboard somewhere between 150 and 200.
I was told only ASus and gigabyte made decent motherboards, confirm/deny?
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  1. I would get Asus, AsRock, or Gigabyte for the MB.

    Also, don't waste your money on the i7 950 when you can get the i5 2500k for less money and better performance. But, if you get the 2500k you have to wait a few weeks to get the new motherboards.

    i5 2500k link -
  2. but if i go with the i5 2500k i would have to wait a couple weeks as you said, i have a deadline, i need the parts ordered by this monday.

    so any have a link to a good motherboard for this setup?

    also should i drop my hard drive and ram down 20 bucks so i can add another 40 to my motherboard?
  3. I would drop the RAM from 6GB to 4GB if you need to save some money. All you need is 4GB anyways, and you can get another 4GB down the road if needed, that will save $20. Also, if you need to save money I would drop the hard drive to something else. I got a 500GB for $30, $99 for a 1TB seems a little much.


    For motherboards:

    if you can spend a little more go with
  4. Hmm if open to non i7 solutions and since not rendering/encoding- take it that u prefer green camp ^^

  5. An excellent build..... few suggestions:

    1. Save $10 getting a better PSU. The XFX Black Edition is only $100 after MIR .... it's a 1st tier PSU, equivalent in quality and performance to the Corsair HX series ($150 after MIR).


    2. I'd try and garner another $65 and grab a 560 Ti


    3. The $95 HD is a bit much. This combo gives you the F3 and Windows Home Pre 64 for $160, saving $35

    With the $35 savings on the HD & OS, $10 savings for the better PSU, you have $45 outta the $65 you need for the 560 Ti ... if ya can reach in ya pockets for another $20, you'll have a netter system.

    As an afterthought, the Antec 902 Version 3 is a recent update with front panel USB 3 among other updates.....cost ya another $10

    Further updates, features available again for another $10 in the DF-35
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