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My monitor keeps going into sleep mode when I play a game. I bought the pc a year ago and early on I played a few games on it with out problems, now recently I started playing games again and it keeps giving me the sleep mode issue. At first I thought it was the power supply so I got a new one with a bit more power, yet that didn't do the trick either.
I'm lost on what the problem could be and hoping you guys can help me out.

This only happens when playing games, about 5 minutes in to the game. Nothing happens when I play movies etc.
My specs; Windows 7 Home Premium
Intel Core i5 750
4gb DDR3 Ram
nVidia GeForce GT220
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  1. Either Monitor or mobo to me.Try to use the monitor on a another computer.
  2. Well I tried a different monitor on this PC and the same thing happened. Is there any way though that I can test the mobo? It probably is that, as not long ago the PC went in sleep mode, but then the power went off also. I checked the wiring of the power supply, as i may have done something wrong so we'll see if it happens again.

    Also, forgot mentioning before, when going in sleep mode it says 'no video input'. Unsure what it said when the PC went in sleep mode without playing a game before, but i'll see if i can find out what it says then.
  3. Do you guys need any other information? Hoping to get this solved soon and all help would be greatly appreciated :)
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