Hot Motherboard?

I am using CPUID Hardware Monitor on a Biostar 945GZ Micro 775 SE with Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.00 GHZ with 2GB of RAM with Windows XP. This temperature monitor shows my temps at 109C, 85C, and 54C. That 109 seems quite high. Is it? I dont seem to be having any issues currently but I was just alarmed. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance
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  1. Hi!
    could you post a screenshot of this?
  2. im trying to post a screen shot but im not having any luck.. help? .. ive saved the print screen image to ms paint but i cant seem to attach it to this..
  3. not getting an upload option to post in my reply
  4. If you want to post an image, you are going to have to upload it to an online provider such as imageshack etc... Then you can post the url and voila.
  5. I could barely read that image, but I zoomed in and managed.

    I agree, that's pretty hot but I can't tell what exactly it is measuring.

    My guess is that either:
    1) that temperature is misreported, or
    2) the sensor is broken

    I've used a lot of similar software and for some reason they often misreport the temperature.

    Basically, if nothing's crashing don't worry about it.
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