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Alright so my laptop broke and I'm tight on money so I want to build a desktop computer from scratch. Hopefully this will come a bit cheaper than buying a new computer. I'll mainly be using the computer for gaming and watching movies, the games I play aren't that intensive as I have vertigo (Maplestory, Black Ops). I want the build to stay near the $500 mark as much as possible.

As always, the cheaper the better, but I don't want to skimp on quality for cheapness. I also have to buy a key board and such though =/.

I asked some friends, and they input some builds for me. I also looked online and saw some builds. Here is where my current build choice stands (I mixed the two builds)

Thermaltake TR2 W0070RUC 430W ATX12V V2.2 Intel Core i7 Compliant Dual 80mm Fans Full Cable Sleevings Power Supply $45

PowerColor AX5770 1GBD5-H Radeon HD 5770 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card $120

ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 92mm Fluid Dynamic CPU Cooler $30

BIOSTAR A880G+ AM3 AMD 880G HDMI Micro ATX AMD Motherboard $60

SIIG IC-510012-S2 5.1 Channels PCI Interface SoundWave $30

A-DATA Gaming Series 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model AX3U1600GB2G9-2G $45

HITACHI HDS721050CLA362 (0F10381) 500GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive $40

Thermaltake V3 Black Edition VL80001W2Z Black SECC / Plastic ATX Mid Tower Computer Case $40

ASUS DRW-24B1ST/BLK/B/AS Black SATA 24X DVD Burner - Bulk - OEM $20

AMD Phenom II X2 555 Black Edition Callisto 3.2GHz Socket AM3 80W Dual-Core Desktop Processor - C3 Revision HDZ555WFGMBOX $90

Total: $520~

The main problems are compatibility issues and if I forgot to add something vital. I want to make a fully capable desktop, not one that will not output sound or burn up in 6 months. Also, is my fan neccessary if my CPU contains one already?

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  1. Live near a Micro Center? They have good prices on AMD CPUs/motherboards and a good deal on a case. You can get better parts (like a quad core) for the same price that way.

    Do you need a copy of Windows? Also, when do you want to buy?

    Memory: G.SKILL NS 4GB . It is a little slower (1333), but not so you would notice it, and $6 cheaper.

    Power Supply: Use this promo code: EMCKGKG26 to get a Corsair Builder Series CX430 CMPSU-430CX 430W for $20 after rebate.

    Skip the sound card. Skip the heat sink (sigh) - you won't be able to overclock much, but you can do it later, if you want.

    I think that knocks it down to $429, after rebates and including shipping. You are eventually going to get back another $20 on your video card too.
  2. $528AR if not staying near MC

    cheaper if u did though hehe
  3. Can I listen to sounds/music without a sound card? Also, is this all I need when I build a fully functional computer (Minus the OS, I have windows 7 already)? It could go on the internet and all that right?
  4. The mobo has a built in sound card (realtek). batuchka, why not a athlon ii x3 450 + radeon 6850 ??
  5. ^ Because batchuka wants his to look nice and quad core'd up. Haha.

    My 600$ build in my guide would also match up to Bat's build.
  6. also, know anywhere that sells monitors for cheap? The ones I looked at are kind of pricey
  7. That's what I'm buying aznshinobi, the $600 build :)
  8. Haha, YAY!

    Well if you buy the 925, get it off my site or Amazon. Newegg sells it for a bit more I believe.

  9. That's my revised build. Any thoughts?

    Sorry it's so small, but I had to make it smaller so it'll all fit on screen =D
    Should I be getting a quad over this or what?

    You should check out those. The 965 combos are pretty decent. The CPU will be a lot better and you'll get a board that performs just about the same for free.
  11. I can't find a microcenter near me =/
  12. Aww dang!
  13. np- said:
    The mobo has a built in sound card (realtek). batuchka, why not a athlon ii x3 450 + radeon 6850 ??

    Overall better Black Ops performance?
  14. Well it's like a 40 minute drive for me. Is it worth it?
  15. Your monitor is the one thing that you look at more than any other part of your computer. If at all possible, I suggest you spend more than the minimum. Here is a comparison of three other models, with yours on the left.

    The Asus VE198D 19"is the same price at $100 when you consider promo code and shipping. It has a better resolution and is slightly larger.

    The ASUS VE Series VE208T Black 20" 1600x900 is $20 more, but has both greater resolution and larger screen.

    Here is the current standard: Acer G215HAbd-1 Black 21.5" 1920 X1080, but at $135 shipped, is not a great price for that size.

    I checked Tiger and Fry's (am looking for more monitors myself), and with Newegg's free shipping and no tax, they have the best prices at the moment.
  16. Micro Center has a $40 discount on their AMD CPU/motherboard combos. I particularly like their quad core Phenom 840 for $100, which is a sweet spot for price/performance IMO.

    The Hyper 212 plus heat sink is on sale for $23 (if you want it) and I recommend the Elite 430 case for $35.

    There are some catches here:
    1) the current sale has been on for a month so they might be sold out. (Check first on-line before you go)
    2) the sale ends today (but the March sale might be even better)
    3) You have to figure in sales tax instead of shipping (which may be a good thing if you like supporting your local tax base)
  17. batuchka said:

    Now I'm confused. x3 450 + 6850 or phenom x4 955 BE + 768mb 460gtx. 6-8 fps difference between x3 450, similar fps difference between 6850 and 768mb 460 gtx (on 1920 x 1080 res). Argh, why is this so hard !!!

    Isn't 768mb not enough for 1920x1080??
  18. Microcenter + Egg build?

    965BE + Gigabyte 760G $149.99

    Parts from Egg $343AR

    $493AR Total, 965BE + HD 6850
  19. batuchka said:
    Microcenter + Egg build?

    965BE + Gigabyte 760G $149.99

    Parts from Egg $343AR

    $493AR Total, 965BE + HD 6850

    Can you give me another powersupply for this build?
  20. Something from Antec, Corsair, or Seasonic preferably. Is 500w enough for a x4 965 + ati 6850?
  21. Yes, Why does it matter what it is if your on such a small budget? Corsair is far expensive for your budget and they're CX series sucks in comparison to say OCZ or Rosewill.

    Antec is pretty expensive, but when they're on said they're really cheap. You missed out, the Antec Green isn't on sale anymore off newegg and they sold out of Neo Eco's.

    Seasonic is expensive! In comparison to Antec, a Seasonic SI12I or whatever 520w 80+ Bronze is about 70$ + about 5-10$ shipping.
  22. not as good as the OCZ deal but if you want antec. Here's antec.
  24. Sick. That seals it. One more question, can the antec 300 illusion case hold a micro ATX board?
  25. Yes, just not vice versa. Meaning an m-ATX case can't hold an ATX board. Obviously.
  26. Just a heads up :

    Toms Dec 2010 $500 USD SBM,2811.html

    used a Antec 380W 80+ bronze with a 768M GTX 460 and a HD 6850 is a tad more efficient that the former so any decen 500W/80+ is good to go

  27. This is my build thus far. I am about to close the deal with it, but there are a few things bugging me:

    - My motherboard seems a bit too cheap. Why is that?
    - My power supply seems to only have 2 SATA cables or whatever they're called, and when I read the reviews, they said that they're too close together so I should buy a molex to SATA adapter. Can anyone explain this?
    - Is this all I need to completely build a computer? I have nothing other than screwdrivers at home.

    There may be more questions as I finish up my research. Thanks for your previous help and thanks for helping me again =D
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    Your motherboard, and CPU for that matter, would be considered a "one off". No consideration for future upgrades, which makes a relatively short lived build. There are, for example, only two memory slots on your motherboard, which will not let you upgrade to 8 GB - 4GB is good enough for anything you are planning today. The CPU has only two cores, and new games are moving to take advantage of more than that. The performance hit on current games, however, is relatively small, so no worries.

    There are a few other items like this, but all in all they are not necessarily bad if you just plan on getting your money's worth in two or three years and replace these major components then. It is kind of the intention you had at the outset - to get a cheap desktop.

    Now, you are not really planning an overclock, so if you want to get a bit more for your money, then consider this AMD Athlon II X3 455 Rana 3.3GHz. This is the same price, and a beefier CPU. It won't overclock like the BE edition, but not to worry, you can attempt to unlock the 4th core on it to get an extra boost.

    Here is the SATA cable extender: Link Depot SATA Power Extension Cable. It adds an extra $7 to your power supply - why not just purchase one that does not need it? COOLER MASTER eXtreme Power Plus RS-500-PCAR-A3-US 500W for $36 AR You get 70 watts more, a full size fan, better rep on the manufacturer, and more sata connections.

    One more thing, you have a nice case, but consider an extra fan or two when you get a couple extra bucks. Maybe one on the top and one on the side. you don't need them for your initial build. That case should carry forward to your next major upgrade so consider it an investment.

    You are almost there - I know it is a lot of work to put all these parts together, not to mention listening to us throw all our opinions at you. These parts should all go together fine, and you will have a machine that beats your laptop even when it was in its prime.

    Just a couple more items - here are the instructions for new builders:

    Step-by-Step Guide to Building a PC. Read twice and follow closely - you will have much more confidence when the time comes to put them together. You have already figured out to read the Newegg feedback. That helps a lot to to avoid some of the unique issues with your specific components.

    If you do have a problem, use this trouble shooting guide: PERFORM THESE STEPS before posting about boot/no video problems!. I have made a bunch of these errors, but get them fixed in a few minutes because I studied this guide.

    Both of these references are some of the best that Tom's Hardware has to offer. Good luck!
  29. Thanks guys for all your help. This is a great website for first time builders =D
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