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Computer Case?

Well, I'm currently using a rosewill challenger and it's a tight fit for my radeon 5770 and I'm not getting good airflow due to it. I want to upgrade to a bigger case that will give me better air flow. I have 5 fans currently set up in the case and my GPU still reaches around 65 Celsius when under a heavy load. My CPU gets up too about 35 Celsius but I want to put a decent size aftermarket cooler, just because I like my parts to be icy. Right now my 5770 stretches from about the hard drive bays to the end of the case. So any suggestions would help. I prefer not to spend over $100.
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    An HAF 912 is $50-60 and great. The HAF 922 is around $100 and a little roomier.

    You can remove the center drive bay on both for better airflow and room for long video cards. Both have the cutout in the tray behind the CPU so you can easily swap in/out cooling solutions. They both have enough clearance for tall air coolers and both can accommodate your 5 fans in various configurations.

    The HAF 912, though the screws and standoffs seem cheap, really offers a lot for the money. I have a Hyper 212 plus in mine with an inch to spare between the top of the cooler and the side panel. Also, it doesn't block your ability to add a fan in the side panel. Also, the 912 would accommodate your 5770 without a problem even if you didn't remove the center drive bay.
  2. 1) Your temperatures are fine. A gpu will run hot, but they are built to do so. <95c is ok.
    35c under load is good vor a cpu. If they get too hot, they will slow/shut down to protect themselves.

    2) The case is not bad, but I don't think I like side fans much. They disrupt the natural flow of a case.

    3) If you want to replace the case, look at the Antex 300 illusion model for $70:
    Two intake 120mm fans with filters, and plenty of exhaust.

    4) Any aftermarket cpu cooler with a 120mm fan will be better than stock. Your cpu will run cooler and quieter.
    CM hiper212 is a good value. There are others.
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