HELP no video on new custom built PC

OK I'm 14 and just built my first pc everything was going great till boot I'm getting no video signal and I know the monitor works

Here are my Specs

Asus P5N-D motherboard
2 Evga gtx 460
q8300 intel quad core
850 watt power supply

I don't think I need to list any thing else I know psu is fine fans and everything light up and spin motherboard says it has power and it boots fine but I can't see anything so I can't install windows 7 or even look at the bios HELP? :(
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  1. Did you try getting things to run using just one 460?
  2. willmalcom said:
    Did you try getting things to run using just one 460?

    I took off the sli no luck I don't think I need to take it out
  3. Try taking each one out and trying them separately.

    If that doesn't work, maybe try all the different inputs if you have each cable available (VGA, DVI and HDMI).

    I have a friend who had a problem with a gtx470. He was running it through HDMI, and for whatever reason his hdmi port stopped working correctly.

    First try each card separately though.
  4. it was a stick of ram all working now ty
  5. That was my next suggestion :) Glad you got it working
  6. In my experience No Video usually always has to do with RAM in 1 way or another when its a fact everything else is working properly.

    glad its working, and nice setup :)
  7. In our case we had the same problem and it ended up being the ram as well, but does anyone know why no signal will appear on the screen?
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