Dirt in computer case

I had my new computer case open on a table, ready for assembly, when someone leaned over it to look inside. I was wondering: if some dirt or food crumbs fell into the open case, would it cause problems later? It was just the case; I have not put in the motherboard or anything else yet.

It is a black case and I did not see any evidence of crumbs, otherwise I would have gotten some compressed air to blow it out.
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  1. No, nothing's that sensitive. Motherboards can get dusty and still function:
    Have you heard of breadboarding? People run their computers on open-air motherboards, and it works fine.
    Liquid in the circuitry could be more of a problem, but crumbs will not be.
  2. Dust affects only when its in a large amount... You should see mine :D
  3. And the only reason dust causes a problem is heat buildup, clogging a heatsink full of dust will definitely kill a processor. Dirt or crumbs won't be conductive or capacitive to the point of damaging anything, so they won't cause a problem.
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