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Upgrading MB in XP system

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March 5, 2011 3:35:33 AM

Im making a pretty major upgrade, from an older P4 board to a newer Asus that can run the core2 duo, extreme, and quad. Even more to the point though, I believe, is that the expansion slots are all quite different from current. This means that Ill be going with a new video card for sure. Im also currently using an installed sound card.
Im not sure if Ill need to install the current sound card or if I should get it up and going with the onboard sound, then reinstall my sound card afterwards.
I was also told that I should try removing most my drivers right before shutting down, then proceeding with the repair XP approach after installing new motherboard.
Im wondering what you think I should do about the sound card, and opinions on the idea of removing certain/all drivers before the upgrade.
I realize that a full reinstall may be a better choice but Im trying to avoid reinstalling the numerous programs I have, and more importantly, the updates and service packs for XP.
Any help with these choices would be much appreciated. Thank you

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March 5, 2011 1:42:38 PM

-ok currently its a custom built system, using an asus p4t series board with the intel 850 chipset. It has a sound blaster x-fi sound card installed and an ati radeon x1650 pro 4x agp video card.
-I already have an asus p5q se2 board(intel P45 express chipset) with a core2 duo chip, 4 ocz reaper pc2 6400 memory cards (1 GB each), and I picked up a radeon hd 4650 PCIe x16 video card, all to be put in my current case w/current OS.
-I have a dynex 400w power supply in it, and the OS is on a WD EIDE 150GB hard drive(7200rpm ). Im running XP pro 32bit.
My funds were limited but i managed to get a decent board, cpu, memory, and vid card for the upgrade.
** My 2 main questions are 1) about the sound card, to put it on new board right away or to start with the onboard sound on the new MB. and 2) should I remove certain or all drivers before i shut down to change boards, or is this a bad idea?**
Im trying to do this without doing a complete reinstall of my OS and starting from scratch.
Is the difference between old and new components, chipsets etc, just too extreme to do it this way without alot of hassles?
Would i be better off just tryin maybe a clean install, then maybe a files and settings transfer, or just plain clean install and reinstall the individual programs i want again?
Hopefully this clears up my situation. as i said, the parts are all already here. Im just unsure of a few steps in the process, for my situation. I appologize for the lack of links but Im hoping I still included enough info for the questions.
Thank You
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March 5, 2011 1:50:29 PM

I think i may have posted an inadvertant copy of your reply, sorry bout that. i meant to post an appology because i think u might have meant for me to place this all in a different area. Im still getting the hang of the forums process/etiquette.
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March 5, 2011 2:09:08 PM

No worries. You're in the correct forum. The link that Batuchka posted in just a standard form that provides us with most of the pertinent information that we need to assist you.

As for your questions, I'd probably build the system without the sound card simply because it's one less thing that could mess up the build. You can always install it later. Also, I would definitely do a clean install of the OS. Yes, I know it can be a pain to re-install all of your old programs, but I think the headaches that can arise from not doing a clean install are not worth it.

-Wolf sends