3-way Crossfire bad?

Hey guys,

I've had some people tell me that if I ran 3 of my 5770's, the performance would be worse than the 2 that I am running right now. Is this true, I would think the more GPU power the better the performance.

Let me know, thanks.
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  1. It will not be worse but the small gains are not worth the additional investment. If the 2 x HD5770 is not enough, then it is time to upgrade cards.
  2. Generally the 3rd card doesn't scale well so it is a bit of a waste, however, it also depends on your motherboard. If it doesn't support 8x/8x/8x PCIe lanes then yeah the performance will be worse than with just 2 cards.
  3. Right but adding a third card wouldn't decrease performance in any way compared to just 2 cards right?
  4. Depends on your system... you could list the specs and get a proper answer.


    "Looking only at averages, the chart above makes it appear that adding a third card boosts P55 performance by nearly 8%. Yet the fact that it hurts performance in some games and offers no benefit in a few others means that we’d never suggest using the P55 PCH to host a third graphics card in CrossFire or SLI. Moreover, the X58 gains 25% by adding a third card and has no performance issues..."

    Also interesting:

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