Novice needs some help with 6870 xfire

hello all,

im having some major problems with my 6870's x 2 in crossfire.

i have ran heaven 2.1 and 3dmark vantage multiple times and i am getting great results with xfire vs running a single card. my scores go up dramatically, like i expected they would.

the problem is, i have benchmarked 3 different games multiple times, and im getting less performance in these games with crossfire enabled.

bad company 2
single card - 85 fps avg
crossfire - 53 fps avg

black ops
single card - 114 fps avg
crossfire - 102 fps avg

dragon age
single card - 65 fps avg
crossfire - 60 fps avg

im running 10.12 drivers with profiles installed.

what is getting me, is my scores in heaven benchmark and 3dmark vantage almost double with crossfire enabled...but in games im literally getting less performance with both cards.

help.... very confused novice here.
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  1. idk much about xfire or sli but im sure people would like to know all your specs cpu, mobo, ect
  2. I've heard of people having issues with bc2 and black ops. Dragon Age is a new issue to me. Although if you have 60 FPS, you likely are operating at your monitors max displayed FPS anyways.

    Do you have other games to test out?
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