Is This Motherboard And Memory Any Good


Can anyone give me some advice on how good this motherboard is and this memory. It will be running SLI runing these two cards.

Zotac ZT-50102-10P GF GTX 580 AMP! 1536MB GDDR5.

Motherboard. Asus P7P55-E Delux.

Memory: Corsair CMX8GX3M2A1333C9 XMS3 8GB Two Memory Module Kit.

If there are any problems with board or memory can you pls tell me what the issues are before I buy them.

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  1. Just be sure you use the proper cpu. That's a socket 1156 board; they're starting to get scarce. Evga makes some z68 chipset boards with sli; newegg sells them. I would go for one of those if you're starting a new build and use socket 1155 instead, such as the 2120 or 2500k.
  2. I second that - this is first gen "Core" stuff not Sandy Bridge.
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