How to install an operating system on a new build computer

Hello, I've just finished building a new HTPC with the new Intel I 3 Clarksdale and an Intel Mobo DD57DD. The Mobo has no internal video, but the CPU has HD graphics build right into it. Therefor I did not install a separate video card. Right now I have not been able to install an operating system because I can't get any video signal to my monitor and therefor can't see the Bios setup. This is my first build and everything checks out. I've even tested the memory. Everything works and everything runs. I don't understand why I don't get a signal to my monitor. Do I have to install Windows 7 blind, and will that work. Thanks for your help.
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  1. The Intel HD graphics of the CPU works in conjunction with the onboard graphics chipset. Since your motherboard does not have onboard graphics, you will need to purchase a graphics card in order to load and run Windows.

    Are you absolutely certain you have a DD57DD motherboard and not the DH57DD motherboard?

    -Wolf sends
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