Hauppage 1212-How much space would 30 MIN HD Broadcast use?

I am considering getting a Hauppage 1212 External PVR
Top quality for video is 13.5 MBPS.
How much space would a half hour TV program in HD take up?
I am considering getting another external hard drive just for the PVR.
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  1. ...ok let me just take a stab at this one.

    13.5mb per second? Is that right?

    30min x 60 sec/min = 1800 seconds.

    1800 sec x 13.5mb/s = 24300mb, or 24.3 GB.

    Wow that was tough!
  2. Is that 13 MB a second or 13 megabit per second?
    Reason I am asking is two hour movies on blu-ray at 1080 P are not usually more than 10 Gigs.
  3. I don't know, but yes that does seem absurdly high.
  4. Let's see if I can help..

    13.5 Mb/s = 1.6875 MB/s

    1800s x 1.6875 MB/s = 3037.5 MB (3.0 GB)

    Sounds about right. My 1 hour 1080i HD recordings are ~8 GB so I expect a 30 min program should be about 4 GB, depending on the bitrate. Blu-rays can vary in bitrate up to over 40 Mb/s as they (1080p source) have double the frames as 1080i (I think??:) )
  5. Yeah if it's megabits instead of bytes that's right. Wonder why they would list it as bits tho... Bigger numbers sound cool I guess? =P
  6. Here's an actual data from my Hauppage 2250 on HD recording...

    An hour of HD TV (1080i) recorded is ~45Gbyte.

    I recorded Superbowl, Grammy Awards Night, FIFIA Finals... The recorded files is between ~25Gbyte to ~27Gbyte.

    I use one of my PC as my DVR/PVR..i Allocated 2Terabyte space for it so don't worry about space.
  7. Typo correction.. An hour of HD TV (1080i) recorded is ~4.5Gbyte.
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