Biostar TA990FXE Problems

I recently purchased a Biostar TA990FXE AM3+ for my machine that I'm upgrading. I got everything hooked up, new drivers installed and everything seemed to be going fine. I loaded up game of League of Legends and once the actual game loaded up, my sound became garbled and mouse/keyboard commands stopped being recognized. The game itself continued to play, I just couldn't do anything but watch what happened.

The keyboard and mouse still lit up but wouldn't respond to any commands despite disconnecting and reconnecting the USB connectors. I was forced to reset the machine which booted up fine and seemed to be working normally again. I tried to reproduce the issue by loading up another game of League. This time I was able to play for about 40 minutes before the exact same problem happened again.

At this point I contacted Biostar and began looking up if this issue had occurred for others but wasn't having much luck on either side. I updated my BIOS verified that the latest drivers for everything were installed. At this point I thought maybe it was a problem with League and tried a few other games. The issue occurred the same way for any game I played and for videos too, it even happened once when I was just sitting at desktop with nothing running.

Biostar requested that I ship them the motherboard, which I did but they were unable to reproduce the error after running it through 3D Mark for 72 hours. What else could this be?
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  1. Maybe some sort of incompatibility between the game and your hardware? Just guessing. It doesn't sound as if your hardware is faulty in any way.
  2. Here are a couple of things that you can try if you want. Since your MB has the legacy ps/2 ports you can get these adaptors and plug your usb keyboard and mouse into them. Second since you have an extra pci slot that you most likely won't be using then you could get this addon card with two usb ports and see if by connecting this way it makes a difference.
  3. I'm mainly concerned with if this problem could be caused by anything other than the Motherboard. If it's the board I can try to get it replaced as it's still within warranty..
  4. I'm not trying to get you to buy anything but if you were to connect the mouse and keyboard to the motherboard by way of the ps/2 adaptors and everything went ok then you would know if it was a usb problem.
    The other way to do it is to get the actual keyboard and mouse that have those connectors , if you had a friend or somebody that had those items that you could try and that way you would know if the usb on the motherboard is the thing givinging you the problems. Otherwise you have to find a way to eliminate the different things that it could be so you are not doing a RMA for nothing.
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