Mobo not recognizing Dual Channel?

Model-MCP73PV After looking up the features it says it supports dual channel.

I have googled this for a while I can't find an actual answer. Most cases people are not running identical ram in the right slots, but I am doing this correctly. I start my comp it says ----MB Single Channel, OK. I checked CPU-Z and it is also saying Single Channel. I have looked for ganged/unganged options in my bios but have not found anything. I have also tried another set of ram, no luck.

I am wondering abut this because me and a friend run similar systems and my fps in video games are much lower. Would anyone know any other reasons?

I am running a HD 6770 while my friend is running a GT 450. His processor is slightly faster. The only other difference is he is running dual channel.

Also when using Benchmarks like Engine Heaven my computer runs at the fps found in other peoples benchmarks.
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  1. What are your spec's? Cpu ,ram,psu , especially the ram model and brand.
  2. CPU- Core 2 Quad Q8200 @ 2.33GHz
    RAM- 2x OCZ pc2 6400 Gold Series 2gb / the other set I tried am not sure but it came with my system. On Cpu-Z I look at both ram sticks and they are identical.
    PSU- is a bronze certified 450W so I don't think there should be much problems there
    GPU- XFX HD 6770

    Same settings in a non-demanding game I am getting 35-55 FPS in games while my friend is getting 60-70 steady. (V-Sync off for both)

    At first I blamed the graphics card but if the benchmarks are turning up as it should be wouldn't it be something else?
  3. So you have a total of 4gb of ram? The other set that you said you tried has that set been replaced by the OCZ set?
    When you say that your friend has a similar system , doesn't mean he has the exact same system and there can be small differences the could explain the difference in fps. I know it might bother you that your friend is getting higher fps than you but you are getting very playable fps with your Pc. Also you are running an AMD video card and he is running a Nvidia card plus a slightly faster cpu so that is enough to make his fps higher. If you look at benchmarks for games they take a Pc with certian hardware in it and they run the games and switch video cards but use the same components and they come up with different fps because an AMD card will run a game differently from a Nvidia card.
    If your friend had the same cpu and video card as you then you could see what the difference the memory makes. If you wanted to you could switch video cards with your friend and see what the difference is in the games fps for each Pc.
  4. I agree with alot of your points but does this mean that not having dual channel would not make that big of a difference?
  5. It would make a difference but how much is unknown and because your friend has a faster cpu and a different motherboard then the difference would be small , maybe 5 fps. I think that you actually have a single channel motherboard and while there may be versions of that motherboard that support dual channel I think that the version you have is single channel.
    What you can try to find out is if there is a bios update that will make the memory slots on the motherboard support dual channel.
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