Strange problem with my homebuilt system. Freezes and restarts

Hi guys,

Right basically I just built myself a new system 2 days ago; there are several problems with it and I don't know if they're interconnected or separate.
Any help would be very much appreciated!

First problem: When it turns on, it sometimes turns off after a few seconds and then after another couple seconds turns its self on. It can properly turn on first time or it can take up to three attempts of this strange restarting before it gets to the POST screen.

Second problem: When I try to install Windows 7 or XP it freezes or crashes in install. For windows 7 install it normally freezes just after its loaded the files, on the blue opening screen; I have verified that this disc is working. I decided to try and install XP from a USB flash disc, it could format the drive alright but when it tried to install XP it would BSOD with the 0x000007b error and something like "Setup has stopped to prevent damage to your pc"; I haven't verified this usb key.

Third problem: Just a second ago, just after mounting a different HDD the PC would start but freeze before I could enter BIOS or do anything. This is not vital as it doesn't happen with the HDD i intend to use.

What I have done so far: I have run memtest for over five hours with no errors. I have tried taking out one stick of ram and putting them in different sockets etc. I have tried installing windows 7 with a different optical drive. Tried different SATA cables for both optical and hard drive. Tried installing on a IDE HDD, it still froze. I have taken out all USB cables and have turned on ACHI in BIOS

I tried installing windows 7 on the HDD in another PC which worked with the hope that it wouldn't notice when I put it in my new PC. It worked but the HDD broke soon after (see below).

What I can do: Replace PSU & replace graphics card.

These are the Specs:
i5-2500k 1155 3.3ghz intel processor
Asus P8P67 LE Motherboard
Corsair XMS3 classic DDR3 2x2gb 1600Mhz
Corsair 60gb F60 Solid state drive
Corsair 600w PSU
Radeon 4770 HD
antec p190 case

The SSD broke and I will hopefully get it replaced soon. The plastic strip that ran the length of the connector for the power cable came out with the power cable and is now stuck in it.

This is unbelievably frustrating and i will love anyone that can help!
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  1. Oh And I have updated bios
  2. I can provide videos or photos if needed.
  3. Thanks for your help
    I can't see any crossfire settings, and how do i know if its b3? my voltages seem good but im not sure, i just checked and my cpu voltage seems lower than everyone elses, 1.184v i think, ill check now....
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